CyberTitans: Champion Vs. Champion by LitLab

Champions are a familiar concept to gamers, with titles like League of Legends, Mobile Legends, and DOTA being common topics of discussion. However, CyberTitans is a blockchain game that offers a fresh and exciting take on the champion formula. Battles take place on just 64 squares, providing a unique format for players. Could this be the next big thing for the genre?

What is CyberTitans?

CyberTitans is a multiplayer hero battle game in the autochess genre, built on the BSC Network. Players can access and play it for free, without the need to purchase a champion NFT, making it a great option for gamers on a budget. The beta version of the game was released in Q4 2022, and with the new year, the official launch is set to begin in Q1. Currently, players can access CyberTitans on PC using a launcher, but the game is set to launch on its own platform and a mobile version is also in the works.

Despite being active in giving updates, CyberTitans has a relatively small player base with only about a thousand followers on both Twitter and Discord. It's unclear why this is the case, but it's possible that the game's marketing strategy and overall influence may need improvement in order to reach a wider audience and be recognized as a major project in the gaming industry.


Players battle on a 64-square board, each having 32 squares to deploy their chosen heroes and strategize to win. If you've played TeamFight Tactics, a spinoff of League of Legends, or DOTA Autochess, then you're in for a similar experience. Matches consist of 8 players battling in rounds, where they must manage their gold to choose a maximum of 6 heroes with great synergy and skills to gain an advantage throughout the match. Matches will continue until there are only 2 players left to fight for the final spot, and the top 3 players will receive rewards that differ slightly from other modes, such as tournaments with the same mechanics.

The graphics are acceptable, and the heroes look cool and amazing. The competitive battles are engaging, making earning rewards difficult, but fruitful if you're able to showcase your strategic skills. While this gameplay concept is not entirely new, it is challenging to decide which title to play.

Tokenomics and Earning

In CyberTitans, players will be using the $LITT token, the studio token which serves as the game's currency for transactions and in-game activities. This token is also the primary reward for playing the game and its value is adjusted based on the entry fee of players participating in a game. It's still unclear where players can obtain this token as there's currently no known exchange platform for it. As the game's official launch draws near, players are left wondering where they can acquire the token and how they can use it to their advantage.Conclusion

CyberTitans is a fun-to-play auto-chess game that features a unique cast of heroes, drawing inspiration from DOTA and League of Legends auto-chess modes. With a range of heroes and skills to strategize on, the game promises an engaging experience. However, while the game brings a fresh take on champion gameplay, it may not be entirely new to those already familiar with the genre. As the game prepares for its official launch, it remains to be seen whether it can capture the attention of players and expand its reach in the gaming community. With more updates and features on the horizon, hopefully we’ll see some new elements to spice up the game from its competitors.

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