BNB Mint Week, New Early Access Releases, and more in This Week in Web3

Mints Last Week

  • Earn Alliance, the largest gaming hub for Web3, has entered BNB Minting Week that started on September 18. Games that are included were MagicCraft, Ultimate Champions, Kingdom Story, Gravity, Born To Die, and Oxya Origin. All are for free and members just have to shoulder the gas fee. Additionally, members who minted atleast 3 NFT from BNB Games have the qualification to mint the BNB Buff badge that will give them +150 Gold every week.

New Launches

  • On September 21st, Star Atlas, the space exploration and crafting game, unveiled its latest addition to the Star Atlas economy - SAGE Labs. SAGE Labs is an early access, 2D browser-based game built exclusively on the Solana blockchain. Within this game, players have the opportunity to assemble fleets and dispatch them into the depths of space for resource extraction. These resources can then be harnessed to craft valuable and rare Star Atlas loot, offering a new dimension to the game's universe.

  • Hashflow, a crypto exchange, made a debut on September 19th with the introduction of its gamified financial experience known as "Hashverse." Hashverse offers a unique twist on crypto trading, transforming it into an NFT trading game with a futuristic and AI-themed sci-fi backdrop.

  • Krafton, the renowned South Korean studio behind PUBG, made a significant announcement on September 16th regarding their upcoming NFT Metaverse game, "Overdare." This project is currently in development where December is its launch and promises an expansive open-world experience where players can unleash their creativity, akin to the gameplay style found in Roblox. It will come with an AI tool designed to streamline and enhance the building process, making it more accessible and enjoyable for all players.

  • Horizon World, the metaverse project spearheaded by Meta and led by Mark Zuckerberg, has taken a step forward by expanding its accessibility to a wider range of devices and platforms. Despite its initial focus on virtual reality, the project has recently launched versions compatible with mobile and web platforms. Horizon World is now available via Meta App.

Playtests and Early Access

  • Moonfrost, a game reminiscent of Stardew Valley, has officially opened its application process for prospective players interested in participating in its Closed Alpha Test as of September 19th. The entry requirements are: applicants must have logged an impressive 93,423 hours of gameplay in farm/life sim games, possess a collaborative spirit, and, of course, a good sense of humor. While the tone is light-hearted and satirical, dedicated candidates are more than welcome to apply. Those fortunate enough to be selected will gain access to the world of Moonfrost, where they can engage in a variety of farming activities and enjoy the experience firsthand.

  • Re:Anima, the auto-battler RPG driven by blockchain technology, has initiated its open beta on the Arbitrum One blockchain. This gaming experience immerses players in the enigmatic realm of Detis, a post-apocalyptic world inhabited by Animas, which are fighters featuring a blend of animal and human traits, all set within a narrative that captivates the imagination.

  • Phantom Galaxies continues its momentum towards a public early access launch later this year by unveiling another update for their beta playtest. This fresh release, titled Beta – Cohort 4: Guardians of the Celestial Realm, encompasses enhancements to Gear crafting, introduces a novel player progression system, offers revamped interfaces, features scaled adversaries, and introduces an additional type of Mech.

  • My Pet Hooligan has officially entered the early access phase on Epic Games, introducing their Hooligan Rabbit-inspired first-person shooter game to the public! Moreover, in collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming, players who connect their Amazon Prime accounts can avail a complimentary set of cosmetic items.

  • Formula E extends an invitation to gamers to participate in the Formula E: High Voltage Early Access Test. This opportunity allows gamers to actively influence the game's development, compete for prizes, and offer valuable feedback. Registration for the program is open from September 18 to October 2.

Partnerships and Fundings

  • Darewise Entertainment, the creators behind Life Beyond and a subsidiary of one of the biggest Web3 projects, Animoca Brands, have unveiled a strategic partnership with HorizenLabs to introduce the first-ever metaverse ecosystem token built on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Game Updates

  • On September 21st, Elixir Games, a Web3 game launcher, unveiled a lineup of exclusive game titles set to debut on their Elixir Games Launcher. Among these anticipated releases are Chronos, an RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world; Mokens League, a real-time multiplayer soccer game; Tollan Worlds, an online RPG featuring captivating pixel art; and more.  Elixir Games is proud to introduce these titles to its platform, solidifying its position as a destination for cutting-edge web3 gaming entertainment.

  • Champions Arena, the turn-based RPG developed by GALA Games, marked the commencement of its third season on September 20th. This new season brings with it a host of features and updates. Players can look forward to Hero balancing, enhancements to the Mystery Box system, refinements in Trade Market Mechanics, and the opportunity to complete missions in exchange for valuable rewards.

  • On September 19th, Aavegotchi, a Ghost-themed Tamagotchi-inspired game popular in 2021, introduced the Game Center. This platform serves as a centralized hub for all games deeply rooted in the Gotchi universe, providing players with access to a diverse selection of live titles and an enticing glimpse into the ongoing developments within the Aavegotchi gaming laboratory.

  • On September 17th, Blockchain Brawlers, the wrestling-themed combat game known for its mechanics reminiscent of Rock-paper-scissors, underwent a strategic rebranding effort and emerged as simply "Brawlers." This decision was the result of planning by the development team, driven by observation of a need within the gaming community. Specifically, the rebranding aimed to eliminate the reference to "blockchain" from the game's title, as some potential players might find the term intimidating.

  • The most recent update for Hunters On-Chain introduces a range of fresh elements that will capture the attention of both newcomers and returning players alike. The game now presents players with both Missions and Daily Quests, each offering unique incentives. Daily Quests provide rewards in the form of BGEM and Hunter Shards, resetting on a daily basis. On the other hand, Missions are more enduring challenges that encompass various objectives, promising significantly greater rewards but allowing only one-time completion.

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