KOKODI: A Fierce World Without Adults

KOKODI is a cross-chain, multi-platform MMO game set in a fairy tale fantasy world inhabited solely by children aged 6-8. It offers a third-person extraction shooter experience inspired by games like Escape from Tarkov, Hunt: Showdown, and Apex Legends. While details about the in-game token are not yet available, the game is designed to cater to web2 players, helping them transition to web3 gaming seamlessly. While no specific launch date has been announced, KOKODI will be playable on PC devices.

Fairy Tale Combat
Fairy Tale Combat


2 Clans
2 Clans

In KOKODI, players are divided into two clans, each representing a different group of children. KOKO embodies the delinquent-like children, while DI represents the quiet, intelligent kids. This division creates a competitive dynamic among players. Each clan comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For instance, KOKO excels in creating simple items but struggles with complex ones, whereas DI thrives in crafting complex items but faces challenges with simpler ones.

Players have the option to choose from various game modes, each offering unique challenges and objectives. Despite their differences, these modes share common mechanics such as resource collection, combat against other players, replenishing the flag with magical water at specific points, graffiti, and losing all loot upon character death.

  • Arena: This is the inaugural multiplayer mode in KOKODI. Teams consisting of 2 or 4 players spawn at opposite ends of the map. To earn points, players must occupy specific zones on the map. The gameplay resembles that of "Capture the Flag" modes found in other shooter games, where teams must control designated locations to score points. Victory can also be achieved by defeating or eliminating the opposing team.

  • Raid: In this mode, players must loot and fulfill specific conditions outlined by the map. A timer adds urgency to the gameplay, requiring players to relocate to different areas within a set timeframe.

  • Dungeon: Exclusive to guild members, Dungeon is a seasonal mode where players must gather valuable items to enhance their guild's hideout. This mode offers unique rewards that contribute to the overall progression of the guild.

As players explore these game modes, they must also contend with human-like needs such as exhaustion and dehydration. Failure to address these needs can result in status afflictions or debuffs, impacting gameplay. Similar mechanics can be found in Last Remains, adding an additional layer of challenge to the game.

World and Graphics


The world of KOKODI presents a vibrant and mysterious landscape, beckoning players to explore its vast expanse. Rich in color and detail, the graphics offer an immersive experience that captures the essence of adventure. The diverse terrain, including trees, rocks, and statues, adds a strategic element to gameplay, encouraging players to carefully navigate their surroundings as they uncover the secrets hidden within the map.


One intriguing feature of KOKODI is the ability for players to take out loans under specific conditions. Players must meet certain criteria, such as spending a designated amount of time in the game and having previously used tokens. To secure a loan, players must provide collateral as assurance. Loans are provided in the form of in-game currency, offering a solution for players who find themselves lacking resources or currency.


KOKODI offers engaging gameplay that appeals to a wide audience, including web2 players who may be skeptical about web3 gaming. With its shooter mechanics and diverse game modes, players can enjoy it in their leisure time or for casual fun. While the launch date is yet to be announced, I'm optimistic about the project's potential to meet expectations. KOKODI is certainly a game worth keeping an eye on.

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