Blood Vessels: Merging NFT Vampires, Mysteries, and Discord Gaming

Vampires have always fascinated us throughout history. That's why a lot of games and stories have been made about these blood-sucking creatures in the night. Blood Vessels is a game that plans to tell another tale about these mysterious night lurkers but in the form of a tabletop role-playing game. Let’s check out what this project has in store for us.


Created by Electric Visions, a dedicated team from Kongregate that specializes in creating new experiences in the web3 space for the gaming studio, Blood Vessels is a game built on Immutable X that tells a unique vampire horror story in the form of a text-based RPG. The team working for Blood Vessels comprises veterans with backgrounds in the gaming industry like Gameloft, KIXEYE, Rockstar, and TinyCo.


Blood Vessels’ story revolves around vampires mutated by a strange virus that can be classified into two types. Apex: Vampires that are more human-like in appearance and have more subdued powers and Hybrids: A more monstrous-looking Vampire as the virus mutated their blood to different forms. The story is set against the backdrop of a lost piece of the 1893s Chicago World Fair where these immortals began to appear. Both the developers and players will need to work together to determine if these vampires live in harmony with humans or if they turn the world into their race’s playground.

Similar to most text-based games, there isn’t much in terms of graphics in Blood Vessels. However, when images appear they tend to complement the atmosphere that the game builds for its players. Eerie pictures add to the air of mystery that the player base has to uncover and develop themselves as well as pictures in monochrome to complete the retro feel that the game is aiming for.

The main gameplay for Blood Vessels is inputting commands in the chat box as this game is played inside Discord where players who buy the Vampire NFTs can get exclusive access to specific channels that let them unravel the story. Although it may seem fairly exclusive at first, they also let outsiders get a taste of the story by letting them access one chapter for free, however, if they wish to continue and join the world-building they’ll need to purchase an NFT.

Earning Mechanics

Blood Vessels is unique compared to most crypto/P2E games as it does not have a token to reward its players. It only focuses on the Vampire NFTs providing value for its holders as the art they will purchase will also double as the keys for their vampire journey if they wish to play the game. As of this writing, the floor price for one Vampire NFT on OpenSea is 0.067 ETH.

Final Thoughts

Vampire stories are nothing new and I think what makes this game unique is that it chose to stay in Discord instead of creating a dedicated place to play the game. Since Discord is used for almost every project in the Web3 space, it somewhat makes sense to utilize it for a project with the limited amount of NFTs they’re trying to release, however, I believe this will hinder the potential growth of the game as people may skip over it because of the extra steps involved.

Overall, I think the project has potential although it may not be with this game, the developers can use the data to make their next project much better and hopefully more accessible to a wider audience. If you are looking for an NFT that has more utility than just an image and provides a story that’s constantly changing and moving, then Blood Vessels might be worth the shot.

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