Make Choices and Chaos in KLAYDICE: A P2E RPG board game
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March 18th, 2023

With the pandemic shutting down most methods of social interaction, games transitioning to digital forms have been more important than ever. They let players interact and play with each other even though they are miles apart. The good thing with digital is also that it can improve the otherwise static moves on a common tabletop game. One such example is KLAYDICE, a “dice-to-earn” game. Let’s take a look at the strategy, action, and mayhem this board game will bring to the table.


KLAYDICE also known as Dicast Gold, is a strategy-action game built on the Klaytn blockchain. Simply put it’s the play-to-earn version of Dicast: Rules of Chaos. Developed by a team of the same name which started in 2015 with a handful of games under its belt. The game is available for mobile for both iOS and Android and will come to PC soon. It lists Krust, Bitrise Capital, and VRM Ventures as some of its investors while it’s partnered with Mutant Ape Club, Cube Entertainment, Searchfi, and Playone games to name a few.

Graphics and Gameplay

KLAYDICE is a game that combines strategy, action, and wits with a sprinkle of randomness with the help of dice rolls that a player can control by selecting one of the cards on their hand for each round. The goal is to deplete the enemy’s health bar while avoiding landing on the opposing player’s ‘base’ which can lock your character up, limiting the moves you can play on the board.

The board (or map) the Heroes move in is reminiscent of a Monopoly board but with a fantasy spin on it. The map changes as you move up the leagues of KLAYDICE and this opens up different themes including a verdant forest, a snowfield, the inside of a volcano, and even outer space. Each map also changes the monsters you defeat on the board like slimes, Evil Spirits, Trolls, and Drones which adds more depth to the gameplay.

A player moves on the board by rolling dice which tells how much space your character can move, whether it’s an odd number a number greater than three, or even just one or two steps. You then move a hero from a selection of 20 you choose before starting the game. Every hero and base have different abilities and skills, so the key is to find the perfect hero-base combination that best fits the way you want to play. Whether you want to be fast and unpredictable or slow and methodical, there is a fit for you. It also has item cards to add more mayhem and strategy elements that players can use to their advantage. Or to their demise.

Earning Mechanics

There are two tokens in KLAYDICE which are DICE and CAST. They power the whole Play-to-earn economy of the game. DICE is the main token with a supply of 1 billion tokens which you can earn by completing matches. You will earn DIA inside the game which you can then swap for DICE then be used to purchase and upgrade HERO/BASE NFTs, participate in tournaments and reinforce item cards. The CAST Token is similar to DICE but it’s mainly used for purchasing ITEM NFTs**.**

Final Thoughts

KLAYDICE seems complicated at first glance, (even confusing as KLAYDICE and Dicast Gold are treated as almost the same thing on their website) but once you start understanding the game it becomes a lot of fun. Offering mental stimulation as well as the adrenaline brought by trying to slay the enemy hero through making calculated choices. Although some may think that RNG brought by the dice concept may ruin the otherwise strategic gameplay KLAYDICE brings, I believe it adds to the excitement the game gives to its players.

One thing to note though, although it states it’s a Free-to-play game, you need to purchase a Hero and Base NFT to be able to earn from the game. Another thing that I think should be mentioned is that the team is not fully doxxed which can be alarming for people looking to invest in the game, so tread carefully if that is the path you wish to take.

Overall, I think KLAYDICE is an exciting and fun game on its own. The added play-to-earn capabilities may make it more enticing for players who wish to profit from the time they spend on their games but I believe the core gameplay is strong. I just hope that the RNG mechanics are well-coded so it doesn’t ruin the experience for players like how the critical strike chances of Axie Infinity did for many. If you are looking for a game that is fast-paced and filled with action but still keeps your brain working then make choices and chaos in this ‘dice-to-earn’ game.

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