Into the 2D Brawls of Krypto Fighters

If the mere mention of Capcom's "Final Fight" sends you tumbling down memory lane, fists flying and hearts racing, then be ready as I introduce - Krypto Fighters. KryptoFighter is a 2D side-scrolling turn-based fighting game where players strategically assemble and position a team of four fighters to effectively battle enemies. But before we step into its pixelated streets and get ready for a gang fight, let's see if this is a knockout hit game.


The gameplay incorporates a "Gut System" influenced by Darkest Dungeon, indicating each fighter's willpower. Managing willpower is crucial to prevent fighter exhaustion and defeat. The game features multiple modes, including Adventure Mode (PvE), where players upgrade their fighters to challenge bosses and earn tokens and experience, as well as PvP modes like the Battle Arena and Tournaments, where players can compete for fame, rewards, and prizes​


Art and Presentation

I've always had a soft spot for pixel art in games, and KryptoFighters doesn't disappoint in this aspect. It blends arcade vibes with a dash of modern flair. The pixelated character designs and street backdrops for fights are particularly standout features for me. The impact of punches and attacks feels substantial, adding to the immersion. Additionally, the unique animations for each character's attacks enhance the game's visual appeal. Not to mention, the enemies are creatively designed too, with amusing names like "Bad Dog" and "Boss Thug" that add a fun touch. The background music and occasional voiceovers contribute nicely to the atmosphere without being distracting.

Gameplay Experience

The game employs a team of four characters in each match, with each character bringing unique attacks to the table. This aspect is well-executed, allowing for varied and strategic gameplay. Getting into the game and understanding its mechanics was straightforward for me, but I recognize this might not be the case for everyone. A more comprehensive tutorial could be beneficial for new players to ease them into the experience.

Room for Improvement

Despite my overall positive experience, I encountered some bugs, such as defeated enemies still being marked as present on an empty space. These issues are understandable given the game's early development stage, but addressing them would undoubtedly enhance the play experience.


KryptoFighters has made a strong impression with its engaging pixel art style, immersive gameplay, and thoughtful design elements. While there are areas for improvement, such as bug fixes and the addition of a tutorial, the game's potential is evident. I'm looking forward to future updates and the opportunity to explore more characters and enemies.

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