A Sneak Peek into MagicCraft's Unique MOBA Experience

For someone who enjoys multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games, jumping into MagicCraft was like hitting the jackpot. Think: the thrill of team clashes in Wildrift, plus  the fast-paced action of Mobile Legends.


At its core, MagicCraft offers a familiar yet refreshing MOBA experience.  It introduces various game modes such as:

  • Skull Grab: Players collect purple skulls that appear on the battlefield, contributing to their overall score.

  • Capture the Points: Teams fight to control various points on the map, with each capture contributing to the team's score.

  • Escort: A unique mode where players push a golem ball to the enemy's zone, requiring coordination and defense against opposing players.

Each gameplay mode is crafted to introduce a unique aspect of the MOBA experience, ranging from head-to-head battles to expansive team strategies and innovative twists through mini quests. Presently, players can choose from a roster of 20 heroes, each boasting their own distinct backstory and set of abilities.


Platform Accessibility

Available on PC, Android, and iOS, MagicCraft is open to pretty much anyone with a device/ Upon diving in, players are greeted with a tutorial that's both intuitive and efficient, perfect for getting newbies up to speed while giving veterans the option to skip it. The interface deserves a shoutout for its clarity and simplicity.

MagiCraft downloadable in PC, IOS, Android, and Steam
MagiCraft downloadable in PC, IOS, Android, and Steam

Character Design and Heroes

Currently the game boasts a roster of 20 heroes, each with a distinct backstory and skill set. While diverse, the heroes have a limited number of skills, which may not satisfy all preferences. It strikes a balance, catering to beginners seeking simplicity but perhaps leaving veterans yearning for more depth.

Audio and Visual Effects

When it comes to the audio and visual experience, MagicCraft finds a sweet spot. The background music adds just the right amount of excitement without being too intrusive. The animations, whether you're playing on mobile or PC, give each hero’s skill its own spotlight, making every clash a feast for the eyes. Though when playing the game on PC, I found it difficult exploring the map while playing. I believe vetter mouse navigation would help.


MagicCraft is a community favorite for many reasons, including its accessibility, thoughtful design, and engaging gameplay. While there are areas that could use some refinement, particularly in map navigation, the game still establishes a solid foundation. All in all, MagicCraft is totally worth checking out, mixing the old with the new in a way that's really going to grab your attention.

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