Benji Bananas: Swing and Collect Some Bananas!

Are you ready to hang to the branches and swing some vines? Well then strap your banana into its protective case and let’s see what Benji Bananas is all about.

  • Blockchain Platforms: Ethereum Blockchain

  • Developers: Animoca Brands

  • Genre: Runner Game

  • Available on: Mobile

  • Status: Live


Bananas Benji is a 2D platform game where the player controls a monkey that enjoys swinging on vines and eating bananas. Since it’s a runner game, the levels don't end after traveling a certain distance; you can go as far as you can. Due to the linear nature of the game, if your monkey falls to the ground and dies, the game restarts. Meanwhile, missions are given to you automatically. Possible tasks include "swing that far," "collect up that many bananas," "go that many meters," etc. When these missions are completed, you'll earn additional bananas and rewards.



Benji Bananas features vibrant and colorful graphics that bring its jungle theme to life. The animations are smooth, enhancing the overall gameplay experience. The game’s audio complements its visuals, with jungle-themed music and sound effects that add to the immersive experience.


The game is fairly straightforward: Players touch the screen to make Benji grab a vine, and release the touch to make him swing. This mechanic is easy to understand, making the game accessible to players of all ages.

While simple to understand, the game gradually increases in difficulty, introducing new obstacles like tricky vine formations and additional hazards. Progressive challenges ensure that players have new goals to strive for, and that the game remains accessible to new players while still providing a challenge for experienced players.


While not particularly original, Benji Bananas combines fun gameplay with charming graphics and a simple, addictive formula. It's an excellent example of a classic mobile game that can captivate players for hours. For those who enjoy casual, engaging mobile games with a unique twist offered by the blockchain integration, Benji Bananas is certainly worth a try.

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