This Week in Web3: Illuvium on Epic Games Store, Immutable Ubisoft Collab and More


  • Champions Ascension, the intense and high-stakes Arena RPG, stepped into the spotlight on November 9 to host a tournament and other festive events in honor of Emperor's Day Celebration. This exciting event is designed to test players' skills, challenging them to rise to the occasion and climb the leaderboard.

  • On November 7, Symbiogenesis, an RPG developed by Square Enix, the renowned creator of Final Fantasy, revealed an allowlist campaign for its upcoming NFT mint. Those interested can join the campaign by being part of the Discord community for over two weeks. Participants engage in three games—The Lucky Bloom, the Majority-Minority Game, and the challenging "Hella Difficult" Quiz—to accrue points and attain high rankings throughout the campaign.

Ragnarok Landverse
Ragnarok Landverse
  • Ragnarok Landverse, the open-world PC MMORPG, kicked off a series of events on November 6. Players can engage in daily quests, participate in leaderboards, and take part in the Freya Box event. Lucky participants stand a chance to win exciting prizes such as keyboards, mice, headsets, and more.

  • Pixels, an open-ended world of farming and exploration, and Axie Infinity has entered collaboration and given rise to the Pixels x Axie Art Challenge. Open to all artists, this competition provides a platform for individuals to showcase their artistic talent and creativity. Winners will receive a diverse array of prizes from both projects.

  • Mines of Dalarnia is celebrating Halloween and the Terraformed Economy on Thursday, November 16, where the game will introduce Pumpkonium, a new resource, to its regular mines. This special event, lasting until December 1, offers players a chance to earn Pumpkoniums by collecting at least 25 out of 50 fragments in a regular mine.

Game Launches

Illuvium on Epic Game Store
Illuvium on Epic Game Store
  • Illuvium, the highly anticipated fantasy action open-world game, shared exciting news about its upcoming launch on November 28, debuting on the Epic Game Store. The beta phase, Beta 3: Arena test, will focus on intense player-vs-player (PVP) action. The accompanying surge in the Illuvium token emphasises the impact of the game's listing on Epic Game Store, influencing both the community and the in-game economy.

  • Bubble Rangers, the magical endless runner, initiated its soft launch on November 8. With over 400k followers on Xplatform, the game is now available for download on both Google Play Store and the App Store, providing an accessible and casual gaming experience for anyone interested in giving it a try.

Alpha, Beta and Play Tests

DeFi Land - Alpaca Dash
DeFi Land - Alpaca Dash
  • The DeFi Land team has just declared the start of their closed alpha testing phase for Alpaca Dash, a blockchain racing game built on the Solana network. As the main offering from DeFi Land, Alpaca Dash is characterized as much more than a mere idle racing game. The creators have skillfully blended the excitement of nail-biting racing games with a layer of strategic complexity.

  • Wild Forest has launched the Open Beta for their Season 0 events, where players can gain NFT rewards as they progress through the game. Participants also have the chance to receive a free premium Battle Pass by following the guidelines outlined in the report. Gameplay in Wild Forest centers on units and spells, each uniquely symbolized by a card.

  • The Walking Dead: Empires, a survival MMORPG, has officially launched its playtest, which is accessible for free by downloading a public development build. This build will be available continuously until the game's official launch next year. While there might be occasional updates and server resets necessitating temporary maintenance, the game will remain free for everyone to play in anticipation of its official release.

New Features

Rumble Kong League
Rumble Kong League
  • The much-anticipated Rumble Kong League, an ape-themed basketball game, unveiled significant developments on November 8. The improvements encompass aspects such as Sprint, Tackle, Control, Effects, and more. The announcement was made with high spirits, aiming to keep players in the loop and maintain excitement surrounding the game's overall progress.

  • Genopets, the play-to-earn game with a Pokemon-like vibe, has introduced its latest update, focusing on improving user experience. The update brings a new racing mini-game called "Arcade" and introduces an in-app shop. With these enhancements, Genopets aims to provide players with a more enjoyable gaming experience and smoother transaction processes.


Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles
  • Nine Chronicles, the turn-based RPG crafted by Planetarium Labs, has initiated pre-registration for its upcoming mobile version, offering an airdrop to participants. The announcement of the first wave of results took place on November 8, revealing winners of token prizes and associated items.

Game Updates

  • Sorare: MLB Season 2 is ending soon and this fantasy sports platform has offered an overview into the upcoming offseason update. This update will introduce new card auctions, Special Edition Cards, and a tweaked Collection Game. There's a notable adjustment in offseason XP rules – cards will no longer accumulate XP during the offseason. This contrasts with the post-first-season, where XP gain was allowed to help cards "catch up" due to the initial launch happening mid-season.
  • MetalCore has released a development update, revealing significant improvements and fresh gameplay mechanics. These updates encompass an expanded hunting ground, interactive toys with sound features, meaningful loot, and much more. Additionally, the Korani region in the Kerberos section of the game has received an upgrade. Moreover, the team has introduced a new feature that offers players a respawn countdown, facilitating quicker re-entry into combat.


Immutable x Ubisoft
Immutable x Ubisoft
  • Ubisoft, renowned for creating Assassins Creed, has forged a partnership with Immutable on November 9 to venture into a new blockchain gaming project. This collaboration brings together Ubisoft's extensive experience in crafting high-quality games and Immutable's prowess in the ecosystem, technology, and expertise required to build a leading web3 gaming platform.

  • Petobots, the pet-themed battle game, recently announced a collaboration with HyperMove Games, a Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming platform, on November 9. In this collaboration, Petobots expressed excitement about HyperMove Games offering a fantastic array of web3 games across various categories. The partnership sets the stage for a promising growth trajectory, and Petobots looks forward to the journey ahead with HyperMove Games.

  • Earn Alliance and Soul Magic, the magic-themed RPG in Decentraland, joined forces in a collaboration, offering an opportunity for 25 lucky individuals to secure WL (Whitelist) spots in the upcoming Soul Magic NFT Box mint. To participate, interested individuals need to follow simple instructions: Follow Earn Alliance & Soul Magic, Like & RT the post, and comment with their wallet ID & tag three friends. The winners were announced on November 10.

  • Yuga Labs, the creators of Bored Ape Yacht, have joined forces with Magic Eden, a prominent Solana Marketplace, in a collaboration announced on November 4. The joint effort aims to establish an NFT Marketplace that places significant value on creator royalties, emphasizing the appreciation of artists. This stands in contrast to platforms like OpenSea, which has faced criticism for its approach to artist royalties.

  • Cool Cats Group LLC, a standout NFT project, has formed a strategic alliance with Animoca Brands Japan and San FranTokyo. This collaboration has resulted in Cool Cats securing investment, and Animoca Brands plans to expand Cool Cats' influence by tapping into Japan's rich anime and manga heritage. The partnership also sets sights on developing a game, adding an exciting dimension to Cool Cats' creative endeavours.

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