How does Aurory hold up today after its initial DEX Offering Success? - Written by Medvedosik

Aurory is an immersive Play-and-Earn game that takes players on an adventure through the vast and diverse universe of Antik and Tokané. Players can complete quests, defeat  enemies, discover lost relics, and compete with other players using unique creatures known as Nefties.

Fundraising & Team

Aurory raised more than $108 million in an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) in November 2021. The fundraising round was one of the most successful in the P2E gaming industry, attracting top investors, including Solana, Animoca Brands, Alameda Research, and GenBlock Capital. One thing of note is that Alameda Research assets were frozen, and it does not take part in governance of Aurory project. Aurory boasts a team of experienced game developers from top gaming companies such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Warner Bros Games, and Minority. The team leveraged their experience to develop a high-quality game with unique gameplay features.

Aurory Tactics

Aurory currently has one game mode, Aurory Tactics. This mode is a turn-based RPG battle between two players using a team of Nefties - cute creatures with unique characteristics and abilities.The gameplay is fast-paced, and players need to make quick decisions to gain the upper hand in battle.Tactics Mode offers weekly $AURY rewards for playing and winning matches.

The visuals and animations of Aurory Tactics are impressive and the strategic mechanics are engaging. It’s frequently updated for bug fixes and game meta\balance changes. Additionally, developers take a strong stance against cheaters, actively tracking and denying them weekly rewards.

Aurory NFTs

Aurory offers various types of NFTs, which can be traded on the in-game marketplace. The most valuable NFTs are the Aurorians, which have a limited supply of 10,000 and offer access to all future airdrops and game features. Other NFTs available include Nefties, visual skins, keys, and Nefty eggs.

The Future

Aurory has big plans for the future on expanding the game. The developers are creating a whole metaverse with plenty of game modes included. The project will soon release a new mode called Adventure mode, in which players can explore different worlds and fight enemies together.


Aurory is a game that combines innovative gameplay with blockchain technology, creating a unique experience for both players and investors. Its success in raising funds and attracting investors is a testament to its potential for growth. With a team of experienced developers and great plans for the future, Aurory is poised to become one of the most popular P2E games.

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