This Week In Web3: Exciting Releases, New Launches, and Strategic Partnerships


  • Providence, a distinctive survival-on-a-loop sci-fi game, concluded its pre-alpha access on January 5. While players remarked on the smooth experience, some mentioned it lacked a tutorial, and the presence of only one type of monster made it somewhat bland. The game will now enter the development phase to address and enhance various aspects based on player feedback.

  • MOBOX has launched the alpha version of Dragonverse Neo. This is the first 3D open world that is both co-created and co-governed by its community, offering a rich and immersive universe where key participants can engage actively and unleash their creativity.

  • Version Alpha 113 of blockchain MMOFPS, Earth From Another Sun (EFAS) has officially launched at the start of the new year with a new Battle Pass season and much more to enjoy. Titled Entropy Power, this latest version not only comes with a new season to progress through, but also new features to test and have fun with alongside various improvements and optimizations that provide a better looter-shooter experience.

  • On January 15th, there's an exciting free mint for whitelisted players of Heroes of Eldarune (HoE), offering a chance to claim one of 999 Mirage Packs. These packs are essential for accessing the closed beta of Heroes of Eldarune (HoE), a new blockchain trading card game. To participate in HoE, players will need to use a web browser and possess a minimum of 10 Champion NFTs. These NFTs, varying in rarity, are used in gameplay, each consuming a specific amount of mana based on their rarity level.


King of Destiny
King of Destiny
  • King Of Destiny, an action card gambler game officially launched on January 4. Now available on both iOS and Android, the game can be played globally in 177 countries. Key features of King Of Destiny include a VIP system, which unlocks various perks and benefits as players level up, such as an increased deal cap, tournament deal and hammer bonuses, enhanced daily rewards, increased deal speed, and more.

  • BLOCKLORDS, a Medieval MMO Strategy game, has launched its Bearslayer Season live on January 3. Building on the anticipation set by the Slay the Bear trailer in November 2023, the season has arrived. It's currently available in early access on the Epic Games Store, welcoming players to explore a realm filled with new missions, each telling a tale of valor and strategy.

  • The card-based racing game MixMob has recently launched an exciting new addition, Racer 1, developed on the Solana blockchain. This game skillfully combines strategic gameplay with fast-paced racing, providing players with an opportunity to earn cryptocurrency through competitive racing. In Racer 1, players can participate in thrilling races using MixBots, which are unique digital entities represented as Solana NFTs, each endowed with distinct capabilities. Designed to appeal to a broad range of players, Racer 1 is available on multiple platforms, including iOS, Android, web browsers, and the specialized Solana Saga smartphone.

  • Meta Arena, a platform dedicated to Esports and gaming, recently celebrated its official launch. This event signifies a major step forward in the evolution of Meta Arena. The launch celebration took place on December 20, 2023, at 14:00 (UTC +9). The launch phase of Meta Arena concluded on January 4.


LoE x Lazy Peon
LoE x Lazy Peon
  • Legends of Elumia, a 3rd-person Fantasy MMORPG, announced a partnership with Lazy Peon, a popular MMO YouTuber with over 700k subscribers, on January 4. Lazy Peon will serve as an advisor, providing insights and feedback to help enhance the game and make improvements.

  • E4C: Final Salvation, a top mobile app MOBA game, announced an official partnership with Mysten Labs on January 4. Mysten Labs is known for building critical infrastructure for a more decentralized internet. The collaboration aims to bring E4C: Final Salvation to the SuiNetwork, providing a mobile-native MOBA game, sustainable in-game asset ownership, and a seamless asset trading experience.

  • Futureverse, a project dedicated to revolutionizing AI + metaverse technologies, has entered into a collaboration with Ready Player One on January 4. This partnership aims to launch Readyverse Studios, which will bring leading IP and brands to the metaverse.

  • Haven’s Compass, a first-person, fast-paced tactical shooter game, announced a partnership on January 3 with PixelRealm, an omnichain gaming platform. This collaboration allows Haven's Compass to conduct a free mint on the PixelRealm platform, and the resulting NFTs will be tradeable within the PixelRealm hub.

  • Ultiverse, A project creating an expansive world driven by AI to incorporate in VR and digital world inspired from Ready Player One, has partnered with Metagent, a token-fueled collaborative platform. Joining forces to provide AI empowerment through BodhiProtocol for their ecosystem's games. Together, they will unlock non-stop, censorship-resistant, and governable AI-driven experiences for our players.


Illuvium: Zero
Illuvium: Zero
  • Illuvium, a series of fully decentralized RPG and collection games, has started its mint on January 4. The mint revolves around the Zero Alpha Blueprint. In Illuvium: Zero, there are 15 unique blueprints available, with each plot having the ability to mint each blueprint once. Players can then engage in trading, selling, or buying these blueprints on the Illuvidex marketplace.

  • Kuroro Beast, a Creature Collecting Gaming Ecosystem, launched a referral program on January 4. In this program, users can refer new participants using the code found in their Airdrop Dashboard. The P2A Referral Program aims to distribute 1% of the entire $KURO supply to the top 100 spots, with the rewards vested over a period of 12 months.

  • Arc8, a project focused on competitive mobile gaming, has joined forces once again with Decentral Games, the pioneers behind the first licensed Metaverse Casino. This second collaboration featured a daily tournament from December 28, 2023, to January 4, 2024, with a total prize pool of $51,190 in redeemable Bonus USDT and $2,000 in ICE tokens!

  • Novopangea is rolling out a series of enticing activities for players in January, including PVP Challenges, material rewards, and captivating events. As a play-to-earn MMO blockchain strategy game, Novopangea is offering special incentives for active players. Those who log in for a minimum of 21 days during January and complete at least one transaction in the game will receive a special bonus. On February 1st, eligible players will be rewarded with an airdrop of 100 $NOVO. Additionally, players can participate in a quest to collect building materials within the Realms of Novopangea.

  • This month, fans of the free-to-play horse racing game Derby Stars are in for a special experience as the game kicks off 2024 with its first breeding event of the year. The event, running from January 4 to January 18, 00:00 UTC, offers players a 3,000 CRT reimbursement for each breeding they do. Additionally, players who complete 5 breedings will receive a Stardust of Rarity (E). Moreover, the top three players who breed the most will each earn a reward of 10k CRT along with Stardust of Rarity (B). In cases where there's a tie, the player who reached the breeding count first will be favored.


Sorare Manager ID
Sorare Manager ID
  • Space Nation Online is set to introduce a dual-token system. CHR will serve as a specialized in-game currency specifically for the MMORPG. On the other hand, OIK is a token intended for a range of activities within the Space Nation ecosystem but will not be directly utilized in the core gameplay.

  • Sorare, known for its fantasy sports games encompassing football, NBA and MLB, has recently unveiled a new feature. The vision is to enhance the overall experience for each manager, going beyond just crafting winning teams. The manager ID is a shareable badge that travels with the manager across the platform, symbolizing a manager's prowess, strategic choices, and progress in the game.

  • Sky Mavis has rolled out a pre-season update for Axie Infinity Origins. This update includes the introduction of the anticipated Parts Evolution system and more. The latest patch brings a balance adjustment for the upcoming season, introduces the Parts Evolution Utility, and reintroduces characters like Momo, Venoki, and Pomodoro in the Origins Shop. These are available in special packs that offer extra Honor Medals and Class badges. Detailed information on the Season 7 patch, including all Parts Evolution card effects, was released last week. In terms of gameplay changes, collectible Axies see an increase in base HP: Mystic Axies gain an additional +20 HP, Origin Axies receive +15 HP, Summer Axies are up by +5 HP, and Xmas, MEO, Shiny, and Japanese Axies now benefit from an extra +10 HP.


Overworld Incarna
Overworld Incarna
  • Pixelmon, a decentralized platform for creating casual games, comics, books, etc., has revealed details about its token in preparation for the community presale on January 4. The $MON token presale is scheduled a few weeks before the $MON Token Generation Event (TGE). Pixelmon trainers and holders will receive codes that they can redeem for a spot on the waitlist, and they can also share some codes with their family or friends.

  • Synergy Land, a diverse AAA MMORPG, has announced exciting news for Synergy Land NFT Holders. The news pertains to the Synergian Lottery, a brand-new perk for Synergian holders, offering the opportunity to win $SNG token airdrops and exclusive NFTs. The lottery is set to begin on January 11, with 33 draws planned.

  • Overworld, a cross-platform MMORPG, has revealed the benefits of its Incarnas on January 3. These benefits include $MNCT rewards at the TGE (Token Generation Event), priority access to token pre-sale, pre-sale ETH allotment, bonus $MNCT per Incarna held, early access to the game, and more. Ethereal and Corrupted Incarnas receive additional multipliers to all benefits, including extra $MNCT rewards.

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