This Week In Web3: Open Betas, Launches, and What's Next in the Gaming World


Nemesis Downfall
Nemesis Downfall
  • Players can now download the beta version of Everseed, a fantasy tower-defense game, for free. For more information join their Discord channel here. During the beta testing phase, players also stand a chance to win daily rewards plus bonus rewards for inviting friends, adding an extra layer of excitement to the experience.

  • Parallel, the card NFT game that earned the title of the GAMES gg 2023 Game of the Year, has initiated its Beta phase, which comes with new content and features, including the availability of a purchasable battle pass for players to enhance their gaming experience. Players can now access and play the game on their computers.

  • Nemesis Downfall, a multiplayer first-person shooter developed by Pancake Swap, entered its Beta phase. Pancake Swap, known for its BNB Dex, has introduced various features for players participating in the Beta, including leaderboard-based tournaments, PancakeSwap-themed collectibles, in-game benefits for Pancake Squad & Bunnies, a diverse range of over 10 characters with free character skins, and the opportunity to unlock exclusive skins, including a limited set of unique PancakeSwap skins.


Gods Unchained
Gods Unchained
  • Gods Unchained, the popular NFT TCG, has officially launched on the Google Play Store and App Store. The early access version of the mobile app is now available, allowing players to enjoy the game on the go. The mobile app features Immutable Passport wallet integration, both ranked and casual play modes, and a deck-building tool, enhancing accessibility and gameplay experience for users playing outside their homes.

  • Life Beyond, the Sci-Fi Metaverse MMO, has introduced its first mini-game named BOTS. This web browser game enables players to open crates and acquire Bots, which can be deployed and evolved to enhance their rarity and stats. In collaboration with Opals, a Bitcoin Protocol, participants have the chance to qualify for a substantial 7-figure reward pool.

  • Dookey Dash: Unclogged, a runner game developed by Yuga Labs, is set to launch its early access from March 6 to 10. The game has announced a substantial reward pool of $1 million, with the top scorer during this period receiving a Mutant Ape NFT valued at around 4 ETH. Players have the opportunity to compete for this attractive prize during the early access phase of the game.

  • Citizen Conflict, a hero-based game where players shoot their way through battles, is set to launch a Battle Royale face-off on Ether Islands. Transporting players to a neon-lit, cyberpunk world, the action-packed gameplay is designed to immerse players in the thrilling exchanges of the combat zone.

  • Since opening signups for the early game preview of PlanetQuest: Outposts in February, the browser-based planet management game is now officially free to play. You just need to link your wallet with Immutable X on the game's official website to start playing.


The Walking Dead: Empires
The Walking Dead: Empires
  • GALA Games has rolled out an update for The Walking Dead: Empires, transforming the survival MMO game into a winter-themed experience. The update includes various changes, such as adjustments to settings related to the environment and theme. Additionally, new features have been introduced, including a teleportation system allowing players to quickly navigate to their bases, along with new challenges and improved progress tracking without the risk of losing it.

  • MixMob, the web3 gaming ecosystem and creator of MixMob: Racer 1, a card-racing game, has obtained the rights to use popular character design from Star Wars. This licensing agreement will be integrated into MixMob's IP Gaming, enhancing the uniqueness of character design within its games.

  • The Illuvium Creator Program has introduced two new categories for rewards: Most Engaged Creators and Most Viewed Creators. There's a total of 100 $ILV in prizes available until April 22nd, at 00:00 UTC.

  • The team behind the PvP game Spider Tanks has shared exciting news that the $SILK token can now be used to purchase every item in the Gala Games title. Before, while you could use $SILK to buy Components and Drop Ships, you couldn't use it for Weapons, Bodies, and Hero Tanks—those required payment in $GALA, $ETH, or USD. Now, you have the flexibility to buy any item with $SILK, giving you more choices in how to spend your rewards.

  • MegaWorld, formerly called MegaCryptoPolis, has started selling its MEGA tokens in anticipation of the open alpha launch of MegaWorld Express, planned for the second quarter of 2024. This courier simulator game will involve players in different delivery missions within cities built by players, showcasing a major aspect of the web3 city-building experience.


The Machines Arena
The Machines Arena
  • The team behind The Machines Arena is setting big goals for the future. They are working on releasing a mobile version of the game, which will let players enjoy the action on the go. Additionally, they're planning a token generation event (TGE), a community airdrop, and several other projects for the next year.

  • The free-to-play team shooter BADMAD ROBOTS is now available on Steam, and the developers have announced the first beta test of the game will be held on Valve's platform. As stated on the official website, the beta version is scheduled to launch in the second quarter of 2024, exclusively for Windows PCs. Players interested in joining the playtest can register by providing their name, email, and optionally their Steam ID on the game's website.


Earn Alliance
Earn Alliance
  • Earn Alliance introduced two new methods for users to receive airdrops on February 27. Users can now earn airdrops by downloading the Earn Alliance mobile app. Additionally, users can connect their Epic Games account and get reward in airdrops for the number of games they own and gameplay hours on the Epic Games Store.

  • MegaWorld, the city metaverse, is preparing to launch MegaWorld Courier, allowing players to take on the role of delivery boys or riders within the virtual world. In anticipation of this new game mode, the project plans to release its token, which will be available for minting. The token release aligns with the upcoming Alpha release of the MegaWorld Courier game mode.

  • Arbitrum, a decentralized blockchain ecosystem, is hosting a game-related event on March 11. The event will feature games built on Arbitrum, and game developers are invited to participate by deploying their games on the blockchain. Content creators are encouraged to join Arbitrum Arcade, where they can create specific content around the showcased games during designated weeks. Participants have the chance to win a share of the $200,000 prize pool and one of three custom gaming PCs.


  • Ubisoft, the renowned creator of Assassin's Creed, has partnered with Helika, an AI analytics platform widely used by entities like Yuga Labs and Pudgy Penguin. This collaboration aims to ensure the successful launch of Ubisoft's blockchain game, Champions Tactics. Helika said that it utilizes AI agents to programmatically optimize and balance games, contributing to sustainable growth and return on investment (ROI).

  • MARBLEX, a subsidiary of Netmarble, has recently forged a strategic partnership with TOZ, a web3 community metaverse. This collaboration is set to facilitate joint marketing efforts between MARBLEX and TOZ Universe.

  • DroppGroup, a web3 solutions provider, has joined forces with Oracle, an open-multicloud blockchain platform, to support Saudi Arabia’s Cultural Metaverse initiative. The cultural agency aims to leverage blockchain technology to showcase its rich culture on a special day. The collaboration utilizes DroppGroup's AI capabilities in conjunction with Oracle's Hyperledger, enabling the exploration of blockchain for cultural representation.

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