Plant Crossing: A Mobile AR Botanical Adventure

Step into a world where environmental devastation has obliterated all but the resilient plants. Plant Crossing explores the aftermath of irreversible human-made pollution and destruction, introducing a gameplay concept. Brace yourself as a new species of living organisms—plants—takes center stage, emerging as the main NFT in this gaming experience.

What is Plant Crossing?

Plant Crossing
Plant Crossing

Plant Crossing is a free-to-play omni-chain AR game centered around plants and is also categorized under fitness. While it’s being developed across different networks, it currently resides on the BNB Chain. Drawing inspiration from the hyper-casual gaming sensation PokemonGo, this game blends the physical and digital realms. Ready for action, Plant Crossing is accessible for download on both the App Store and Google Play Store.


In Plant Crossing, players sign up using their email, automatically receiving an account wallet for transactions and progression. Upon signup, they get a free Land and a Botan—used for nurturing and engaging in various game modes like PvP, Farming, World Adventure, and Move mode. Upon reaching Level 10, the Botan can become an NFT, offering players a step into the world of NFTs and web3 gaming.


Players earn $COINS by running, walking, or jogging in the game, tracked by the Location Based System (LBS). These coins can be used for leveling up or purchasing in-game items. PvP matches and other modes involve a straightforward Find Match and Instant Result system, pairing players with similar Botan stats. However, the winner is determined more by Botan attributes and daily step count, leading to concerns about the depth of skill required. The recent addition of an Auto-battle feature further simplifies combat, but it eliminates concerns about missing clicks during Botan battles.

Currently, Plant Crossing only displays Botans on the screen and map related to the player's location. Future developments aim to introduce spatial computing, allowing players to visualize their Botans in the real world, similar to the approach taken by SpaceCatch.

Tokenomics and Earning


$COIN and $AVA are the 2 tokens introduced in PC. $COIN is an off-chain token for in-game use and cannot be converted outside the game. On the other hand, $AVA serves as the game's official token, and can convert to other tokens. Players earn $AVA from winning in PvP battles. There's a cap on the amount players can earn, represented by the treasure pot. Once filled, players can no longer earn rewards. This mechanism aims to prevent a death spiral, but players with higher rarity and leveled Botans will receive higher rewards.


Plant Crossing integrates Location-Based System (LBS) and spatial systems, offering a phygital experience like many other AR games. What sets it apart, however, is its reliance on autobattle mechanics, resembling an idle gameplay style that might diminish the need for players' active skills, potentially leading to a less engaging experience. Nevertheless, the move-to-earn feature, akin to SpaceCatch, presents an interesting incentive for players to incorporate jogging or running into their routine, benefiting both their Botans' attributes and their overall health. While Plant Crossing holds promise, it currently stands as one among various options in the AR gaming landscape.

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