This Week in Web3: New Launches, raises, and Game Updates

New Launches and Releases

  • The Enjin Blockchain was first announced in June, and the formal launch of the NFT network is scheduled for Wednesday, September 13 at 7 PM SGT (GMT+8). The NFT protocol functionalities in this new Layer 1 network are unique. The Enjin Wallet, the marketplace, the Enjin Platform for NFT no-code integration, and the Bean NFT QR code distribution system will all be compatible with it.

  • On September 6,, a prominent web3 trading platform, unveiled its latest advancement in the world of web3 gaming: Loaded Lions: Mane City, a tycoon simulator. This game is built on the Cronos blockchain, providing players with an experience where entrepreneurial skills intersect with the world of NFT collectibles. Within this virtual realm, each player embraces the role of an entrepreneur, striving to realize their vision of a dream city and mansion.

  • Affyn, a blockchain gaming studio creating interoperable games and metaverses, released a new teaser for Buddy Arena, a Web3 multiplayer brawler, including the theme music by Warner Music Singapore artist, J.M3.

  • The Planet Mojo Marketplace, created by developer Mystic Moose, is now live, providing a central location for Polygon-based game metaverse NFT trading. Mojos, Champions, Golden Mojos, and Moj-Seeds NFTs are now available for purchase by gamers through this new marketplace.

  • The developers of horse racing game Derby Stars have announced the mobile release of the game, beginning with an Android version downloadable as an APK file from the game's official website.

New Seasons and Updates

  • On September 15, Mighty Bear Games will release the open beta for Mighty Action Heroes: Mighty Road, a new take on the top-down combat royale. In addition to the eight new Heroes that will be included in the beta update, Officer Xena and the Combat Commando will also be made available to all players for free as permanent beginning Heroes. Using Hero Supply Crates, players will also be able to acquire new Heroes to collect.

  • Axie Infinity, a pioneering force in the Web3 landscape known for its turn-based card game, commenced its pre-beta phase for Axie Infinity: Homeland on September 6. Homeland is a strategy-building and adventure game that is poised to bring significant advancements to the Axie Infinity ecosystem. Notably, the pre-beta phase is an ongoing endeavor, and it brings with it a series of transformative updates. One of the key changes is the integration of $AXS into the game, allowing players to earn these tokens through a range of activities, including farming and crafting.

  • Teaming up for Season 2, spectacular battles and rewarding loot are brought to you by CARV and Tearing Spaces Open Beta. The dates for this are September 4th to the 17th. You may earn mission points, badges, and goodies by mastering the Mission Board, leveling up your heroes, and moving up the CARV Mission leaderboard.

  • The Continuum World development team has announced that the UM Shop will be implemented on Tuesday, September 12th, along with other information about First Explorer Season 3. A new mechanism for crypto payments has been successfully integrated, and the shop is now ready to be added to the farming-based play-to-earn 2D MMO. The creators have said that in Season 3, there will be Birdum hunts, Birdum eggs, and a Birdum feather rating system.

Past and Upcoming Events

  • Developer GAMEDIA has announced their invasion event for Spider Tanks, for which a live training test will be held on September 6th at 11 AM PT on the US East server. This “live fire exercise” or “solar system wide readiness test” will serve as preparation to prove that all Pilots of The Planetary Union are ready to take on this invasion, with the training set to take place in an exhibition space specifically designated for this event.

  • Krafton, the game development company renowned for its popular battle royale game PUBG: Battlegrounds, revealed a fresh initiative on September 6. They announced plans to implement a payment and settlement layer using $USDC on the Cosmos blockchain, a prominent open-scale blockchain platform. This took place at the Circle Hacker House in Koree, making it an expansion of the popular game to using the capability of Blockchain.

  • On September 6, Google released a policy update regarding crypto-related advertisements. This grants advertisers the ability to promote video games incorporating NFTs. Scheduled to come into effect on September 15, this rule marks the tech giant's progression toward fostering an open, yet regulated framework for blockchain and NFT games, underscoring the significance of permission and the future of blockchain technology.

  • TOKYO BEAST, an entertainment game offering diverse content encompassing gaming, cryptocurrency creation and management, and betting, made a significant debut during this year's Korea Blockchain Week, which took place on September 4. Positioned at the heart of South Korea's bustling tech hub, the game's launch marked a noteworthy convergence of blockchain technology and the world of gaming.

  • Phantom Galaxies, the space-themed mech shooter, has just revealed its newest expansion, Ceres Quadrant, designed exclusively for Planet owners. This update brings forth opportunities, such as engaging in drone missions and the potential to acquire ASTRAFER tokens through a mini-game reminiscent of the classic Arcade: Asteroid Shooter Game.

Raises in Web3

  • On September 7, GAM3S.GG, previously known as Polkastarter Gaming, achieved a significant milestone by successfully concluding a seed funding round, raising an impressive $2 million. This funding round was spearheaded by Mechanism Capital, a prominent player in the investment landscape, and garnered participation from other notable venture capital firms and angel investors. Furthermore, the project has forged a partnership with Earn Alliance, resulting in the minting of the GAM3S badge on the Earn Platform and the introduction of quests for minters to participate in, offering an enticing prize of a PlayStation 5.

  • Aelf, a digital asset company with a keen focus on blockchain technology, has made a noteworthy announcement on September 6 by launching a $50 million ecosystem fund named "Aelf Ventures." This fund is specifically aimed at supporting and fostering innovation among Web3 game developers. This initiative has generated considerable interest among developers.

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