Squishiverse: More than just cute blobs of Slime

If you have played or at least tried an MMO RPG game, you know that one bouncy, relatively harmless creature that new players hunt to get their first EXP points. Yes! Those cute and squishy slimes! Have you ever wondered what would happen if those cute blobs were left untouched and eventually ruled over the world? This new project called Squishiverse explores just that! Let’s take a quick look at what this Slime-based NFT Metaverse is all about!


With the aim of being more than just a slime-like profile picture project, The Squishiverse team’s mission is to educate, incubate and provide utility for the 8888 Squishie NFTs they initially released. Founded by Mooney with designs from Thailand-based artist FourLeafClover, these cute dumpling-looking creatures can help support artists that are trying Web3 out as well as provide assistance when the pandemic crippled their income sources.

Graphics and Gameplay

More than just the soft, gelatin-like monsters beginners often slay during their earliest levels on most RPGs, Squishiverse created these mostly cartoon-looking slimes and designed them by taking inspiration from pop culture and general Asian culture where you can see slimes dressed as a Sushi chefs and spot one or two slimes donning costumes from Marvel’s The Avengers!

Although the Squishie NFTs are starting as images, The Squishiverse team planned a lot of possible projects (mostly games) to create utility for the would-be adorable slime owners. Some of them include:

Squishiland - A finite collection of customizable land plots where plot owners have complete control over their land and can design it to their liking ala Animal Crossing.

Metaverse - an MMORPG Metaverse that will offer fun and rewarding gameplay for holders of the NFT. It will combine the Web3 Platform with MMORPG elements to help fuel social interactions and create an enjoyable experience with a focus on decentralized ownership

Descend -  A high-stakes 2D rogue-like dungeon crawler game that promises a fully unique playthrough every time. Descend will reward its most skilled players after every season with prizes like USDC, NFTs, and SBTs.

There’s also a comic and animation project in the works with the animation having 4 episodes released already at the time of writing that features the lore of the Squishies featuring the Slimes that have already been owned. This is a good way to create more value from the otherwise static art that is similar to most NFTs in the current market.

Earning Potential

Since the Squishiverse is just starting, only the name of their token, $SLIME, is available but nothing about the value and allocations are known quite yet. Right now, the only way to earn $SLIME is by staking your Squishie NFT, and safe to say that it will be included as a reward for playing their games in the future. The floor price for one Squishy NFT is 0.13 ETH with the last highest recorded sale being 6.5 ETH at the time of writing.

Final Thoughts

With the cute illustrations and the silly yet appealing designs for the slimes, I think that the Squishiverse created a good collection of NFTs for their starting project although I think it also suffered the fate of most NFTs on the market where it seems like the assets from the artist are just placed on a randomizer to create a ‘unique’ character.

To be fair, the Squishiverse has a lot of ‘1-of-1’ Squishies that are better designed and animated which I think are the better picks out of the bunch but needless to say, expect a heftier price tag for those.

Overall, I think the Squishiverse did a great job of creating a collection of cute characters and as we all know, cuteness transcends time (or that’s just me, I don’t know) but they also provided utility that helps entice investors to hold onto their NFTs. There are a couple of red flags like the whitepaper missing from the website as well as low traffic on their socials, not to mention the team not being fully doxxed which may turn off people looking at the project but the Squishiverse is still in its earlier stages and all we can do is wait and see how they will create a fantasy world filled with cute-slimes instead of heroes.

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