SpaceCatch: Revolutionizing AR Gaming with Move-to-Earn

SpaceCatch is an augmented reality game running on an alien invasion theme. In a world where humans are confronting the threat of extinction, players must take on the role of defenders, fighting back against these extraterrestrial invaders. Built on the Ethereum network, the game is centered around NFT drops and token utilization. As of now, SpaceCatch is in demo mode exclusively for key opinion leaders (KOL) and influencers, with the public beta set to launch in Q1 2024. The game is accessible on mobile devices that meet the specified system requirements.



In SpaceCatch, players assume the role of a fighter combating the threat of an alien invasion using their mobile devices. The game introduces a unique and engaging feature where players take a selfie, and their avatars are customized to resemble anime-drawn characters, providing a personalized touch to the gaming experience.

AR Feature
AR Feature

Combat in SpaceCatch is straightforward yet immersive. Players navigate the real world, much like in PokemonGo, following specific locations marked with alien signs. Upon encountering an alien, the game transitions to a first-person perspective. Players wield various weapons such as swords, guns, and grenades to eliminate the aliens, earning NFT drops or boosters in the process. Crafting effective strategies for different alien types enhances the fighting experience, and players with a more athletic approach can even dodge alien attacks. The integration of AI introduces quests and missions tailored to a player's habits or gaming routine.


Beyond combat, SpaceCatch introduces the move-to-earn (M2E) feature, allowing players to run, walk, or swim. This gameplay option offers a unique dynamic, with players earning boosters by reaching specific distances. These boosters contribute to the comprehensive training of their avatars, enhancing stats and making them stronger and more advanced.

Tokenomics and Earnings

SpaceCatch operates on a single token, $CATCH, which serves as the exclusive and primary currency for all in-game functions and transactions. Whether accessing premium events, engaging in premium missions, or making transactions such as purchasing NFT items and boosters, the $CATCH token is the sole medium required. In SC, the concept of earning doesn't directly entail receiving tokens through gameplay; instead, players earn by selling acquired boosters or NFT items/drops within the game.


SpaceCatch integrates move-to-earn, combat, and augmented reality, offering a unique blend that transforms gameplay into a dynamic and engaging experience.  By incentivizing physical efforts through calorie tracking and distance metrics for boosters and earnings, the game establishes an appealing connection between health improvement and entertainment. The token ecosystem adds depth to the overall experience, providing players with opportunities for substantial earnings. In consideration of these features, SpaceCatch emerges as a formidable contender in the realm of AR games, posing a challenge to established titles like PokemonGo.

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