Orbitau: If Axie Infinity was an idle game
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March 18th, 2023

Idle games have never really been in the mainstream of gaming as gamers typically prefer to have control over what their characters do. But despite their lack of popularity, idle games still improve over time, proving that there is a growing market for them and the game we’re going to take a look at today may appeal to those looking for a new game in said market. Let’s check out Orbitau and see if this game can be our new idle game addiction!


Orbitau - Seven Deadly Sins is a fantasy game inspired by Norse Mythology and the Seven Deadly Sins. It tells a familiar story of the Ragnarok; the Norse version of the end of the world but with an added twist that players would have to see as they play the game. It’s developed by FG Galaxy using Unity and built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Project is led by Minh T. Nguyen, co-founder, and ex-CTO at Be Group; the 2nd largest ride-hailing/delivery platform in Vietnam. It also partnered with NGC Ventures, Icetea labs, and AU21 Capital.

Graphics and Gameplay

With their website featuring striking animation and great quality art, I was expecting the game to feel polished and something that can stand toe-to-toe with the more mainstream games but it is to my disappointment that it doesn’t quite translate into the actual game.

The character design was cute and original in my opinion but I think it could have been executed better. Since the game is an idle game, I was at least hoping for animations that you can repeatedly watch without it becoming stale so easily but what you get instead is a mixture of good-looking backgrounds while the characters float in front of it during battles. The skill animations for the characters are hit-or-miss. Some abilities feel powerful while others can use a bit more effort so you can feel their impact even if it's just on the screen.

Gameplay-wise, you build a team of three heroes that have 3 primary attributes: Strength, Intelligence, and Agility which can be further classified into 5 elements: Ocean, Ember, Forest, Earth, and Ore. Each Hero also comes in different rarities which also determines how many items they can equip. The items they equip help them get stronger and face tougher challenges.

Creating a team that can efficiently cover the strengths and weaknesses of your heroes is key in building a reliable team that can take on the story mode of the game where you can uncover more of the lore as you fight your way through computer-controlled units or the tougher PVP battles where every player puts their best team forward to ascend the leaderboards.

There is also a guild system where players can team up with players from all over the world to be the strongest or just to bond while playing the game.

Earning Mechanics

Orbitau uses two tokens to fuel its economy: TAUM and ORI. TAUM is the governance token of Orbitau and it can be earned by doing in-game quests, activities, tower training, lucky events, and through staking. Its uses include purchasing NFTs like Eggs and heroes on the game’s marketplace, hero upgrades as well as Breeding new eggs. Ori, the utility token, on the other hand, is spent through upgrading heroes, buying in-game items, and breeding eggs.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a game that you can play while you are doing something else like your side job or your assignments from school, then this may look enticing as you can earn passively by just letting it run in the background, but as a game, it needs to have more elements that players can control. I know that Orbitau is an idle game but maybe they can have a separate PVP match where the players can choose the attack patterns they wish to execute on a round to make the game more dynamic and prevent it from falling off fast as there is not much to do.

Overall, I think that the effort from the developers is shown in the graphics for Orbitau but competition is getting fierce in the Web3 gaming sphere and if they want to cement themselves in the space, then they must create more entertaining gameplay than just watching your characters automatically fight or lose. I believe more engaging games will be the ones players talk about far into the future but if you’re looking for a laid-back and passive way to earn some change then Orbitau can provide that.

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