Mars:Metaverse - Building Dreams and a Strong Economy in a Virtual World - Written by Kweekik

Mars Labs is developing a metaverse platform where everyone can realize their dreams. The Mars-oriented metaverse includes small territories called "colonies". Users can own an NFT-type colony to build homes and commercial buildings. They can also enter into lease agreements using blockchain-based smart contracts.

By contributing to the metaverse, users are rewarded in the form of Mars Tokens (MRST). The ecosystem is built in such a way that all users of the platform can earn MRST through their Play-and-Earn (PAE) system. Unlike the real world, everyone has their own house and the ability to change its size and finish. You can also invite friends to chat, listen to music or have a party together in a secluded place.


Most of the buildings in the colony can be bought with MRST and exchanged between users. By purchasing buildings, users receive additional space that can be used for commercial purposes. They can also convert these locations into other buildings, for example: shopping malls, galleries, party rooms, classrooms, etc. Additional income can also be obtained by organizing events.

Users can create their own clothes and objects through Mars Studio and publish them as NFTs or in-game items (UGC items). In short, Mars: Metaverse aims to become a major gaming platform. In a colony, each type of activity is associated with various hobbies and sports. Users can also earn additional income by participating in these activities.

As the platform develops, third-party and indie game developers will be able to use the "Mars Game Creator" software to create and release their games. Users can also run their own sports leagues. MRST is used to reward players based on the number of active users.

There are three locations in the metaverse:

  • Basketball - In the 3:3 street basketball format, the roles of each position are clearly distributed, and the unique dynamics of basketball is used. 

  • Racing - Users can control a radio-controlled car, allowing for an accessible and immersive racing experience while maintaining a sense of speed.

  • Art & Hobbies - Users can learn to play various instruments such as piano, guitar, bass guitar, and drums. Users can perform songs provided by the server or composed by themselves. They can also buy and play other songs. Users who have learned an instrument can form a band and perform in a concert hall with an audience or on the street.


Mars: Metaverse is a serious game that demonstrates the possibilities of traveling to the metaverse. The Web 3 community is fascinated by this genre, including its cool locations. Players enjoy the dynamic gameplay, attractive design, and characters, as well as the opportunities to build a strong economy on the platform. It is expected that Mars: Metaverse will become a major player in the Web 3 gaming world in the future.

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