FusyFox: A Worthy Addition to Your Shooter Game Collection?

FusyFox is a third-person multiplayer shooter game currently in development on the BNB Chain. Factions play a crucial role, driven by greed and a fierce determination to dominate the planet Mars. Players can engage in the action either for free or with the upcoming NFTs in May 2024, Its Open Beta will release first on PC and be available on mobile in the future.


FusyFox incorporates classic shooter modes such as DeathMatch, Free For All, Capture the Flag, and PvE/Adventure. While these modes share the common objective of shooting and eliminating enemies, each introduces a distinct set of goals, adding variety to the gaming experience.


The introduction of Operative Classes adds a layer of strategy to the game. With four classes – Spectrum, Guardian, Healer, and Engineer – players have diverse options. Spectrum enables invisibility for a limited time, Guardian can deploy shields for protection, Healer focuses on healing teammates, and Engineer deploys automated turrets for fire support. This introduces a strategic element, compelling players to carefully choose their class and formulate winning strategies based on opponents' class selections.

Additionally, FusyFox incorporates a character level system, reaching up to level 50, impacting character stats. A similar level system applies to weapons with a limit of level 10. Character levels are enhanced using XP, while weapon levels are based on tokens. These features contribute to the game's depth and engagement. However, some players may find the absence of a Battle Royale mode surprising, considering the implementation of Operative Classes, which typically aligns with such gameplay dynamics.

Other Features

FusyFox is gearing up to introduce its own marketplace, providing players with the opportunity to engage in free or more affordable trading. This marketplace will serve as a hub for all of the project's launches and future endeavors. Additionally, FusyFox is set to embrace collaboration by allowing the integration of other projects into its gaming ecosystem through partnerships. This unique feature means that projects can turn their logos, images, NFTs, or any desired elements into NFT Characters usable within the FusyFox game environment. Currently, two significant projects, Sei Network with its Parallelized EVM Chain, and Volt Inu, a comprehensive DeFi product provider, have already become integral parts of the FusyFox ecosystem.

Sei in FusyFox
Sei in FusyFox

Tokenomics and Earnings

FusyFox operates on the $FOX token, employing both deflationary and inflationary mechanisms. The team periodically buys and burns tokens, contributing to a dynamic token economy. The game offers diverse avenues for earning $FOX tokens, including player-driven activities such as buying or selling NFTs, achieving victories in games, securing top positions on the leaderboard, and organizing private or public matches. The intriguing aspect is players can host their own esports events or tournaments with allocated token for winner/s, catering to both professional and casual gaming enthusiasts.


FusyFox presents a distinctive cyberpunk and space atmosphere, offering a different take on the shooter game genre. The varied earning opportunities and competitive elements make it intriguing for those seeking a fresh gaming experience. The introduction of Operative Classes introduces strategic complexity for players. While there's room for improvement, the potential for future enhancements adds optimism. In summary, FusyFox is an interesting addition to the realm of shooter games, providing a unique perspective and gameplay dynamics.

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