Battle Turbo Arena: Jump, Shoot, Earn

Turbo Battle Arena takes one back to the basics with its 2D action platformer charm, combining classic run-and-gun gameplay with a mix of melee and long-range attacks. It's a blast from the past but with a modern twist of play-to-earn. As I picked up guns and leapt over the terrains, the familiar thrill of pixelated battle royale brought a nostalgic smile to my face. But let's jump in and find out if this game is just a fun throwback or something more than that.


Turbo Battle Arena is a dynamic 2D action platformer that embraces the classic run-and-gun style, incorporating both melee and long-range attacks to create a diverse combat experience. In this game, players navigate through different maps filled with obstacles, guns, powerups and enemies to eliminate. The gameplay mechanics are straightforward yet engaging, allowing players to switch between close-combat weapons and ranged weapons. Meanwhile, the platforming elements require precise jumping and dodging, adding another layer of complexity to the combat-heavy gameplay.


Graphics and Sound

I love the art style that nods to the classic era while having some modern touch that keeps the visuals fresh. The game's high-energy chiptune soundtrack fits well with the fast-paced gameplay as well.

User Interface and Accessibility

The home screen interface is straightforward but somewhat limited in functionality. Options like "Win & Earn" and "Free to Play" are there to tease but not to be clicked, which can be a bit of a letdown. Additionally, despite what the menu suggests, customizing your character is not yet an option during the time of writing. This highly suggests that the game may still be in an early state of development.

Online Play and Social Interaction

If you're looking to mingle with masses of online players, you might find yourself a bit lonely here. Often, the player count is as low as one. While the option to create private rooms exists, the necessity of inviting friends into your private gaming room to liven things up is necessary during this downtime. Because of this, I think the game could benefit from adding options for users to add in some bots for PVE matches or even for less populated matches. This will ensure that players can still enjoy the game even in off-peak times.

Maps and Gameplay Mechanics

The game provides a variety of maps, though 3 of these are locked currently. The available playgrounds, "TBA World '' and "Forest Map," are impressively expansive, which could be thrilling. But this could turn matches into prolonged hide-and-seek games as well especially when few players are involved. The inclusion of a shrinking red zone is a smart design choice, helping to corral players into closer quarters as matches progress.

What I like is the weapons available—both melee and ranged—allows for varied combat strategies, reflecting well on the game's depth in tactical gameplay. Picking up different weapons during matches encourages dynamic combat styles and keeps the gameplay from becoming stale. Meanwhile, the control system presents a steep learning curve with precise requirements for jumping and dodging that add complexity to the combat.

Overall, Turbo Battle Arena shows promise with its engaging mix of nostalgia and modern gameplay elements. However, its current state with low engagement levels and a lot of options still locked suggests it might still be under development. But I think with tweaks here and there, especially in boosting player numbers and interactive elements, could make this game even better.

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