This Week in Web3: New Frontiers in Gaming, Exciting Events, and Key Developments


Last Remains
Last Remains
  • Last Remains, the stealth zombie survival battleground, opened its access to the public on January 20. After months of private playtesting, the game is now available for all players to download on the Epic Games Store. The public alpha drew over 5,500 participants within the first 24 hours, and will open again on February 3.Last Remains | Download and Play for Free - Epic Games Store

  • Champions Ascension, the arena-based gladiatorial combat game, just introduced its Alpha launch. The decision to remove the open-world feature is part of the effort to streamline and focus on core gameplay dynamics, aiming to enhance the overall gaming experience for players.

  • Sailwars has launched its beta test. Accessible on both browsers and Android devices, it runs until February 4th. This event boasts a prize pool of $50k, distributed among the top 500 players on three distinct leaderboards.


  • MetaDOS, a cross-platform and free-to-play-to-own battle royale game, initiated its Premint registration on January 23, facilitated by SeedifyFund, a web3 launchpad. The minting date is yet to be announced, but it will have a supply of 2,222, which will be distributed for free on the Avalanche network. Registration will be open until February 15, and the raffle for the registration will take place on the same day.

  • MATR1X FIRE, touted as the first FPS mobile game in the metaverse, commenced its registration on January 23. This registration serves as the entry point for interested players to participate in the second phase of the server test set to be scheduled. Users who have registered will receive notifications via email.

  • Delabs Games, a game development studio creating free-to-play games, is extending an invitation to players to participate in the playtest for its game, Meta Bolts, a party apocalypse game where players must navigate the lawless zone. To join the playtest, participants need to follow simple instructions, including retweeting and filling out a Google form. Players engaging in this test will gain exclusive access to an upcoming NFT mint associated with the game.


The Sandbox
The Sandbox
  • The Sandbox, a web3 platform for creative builders, is teaming up with Madballs for a new game jam. This event is a great opportunity for game creation enthusiasts to win impressive prizes and display their skills in the metaverse. Named the GoGo! Game Jam, it invites creators to explore a realm of limitless creativity. Participants stand a chance to win from a pool of 50,000 SAND tokens, LAND NFTs, and Catalyst Packs. The top prize includes 15,000 SAND, a 1x1 LAND, and a Gold Catalyst Pack for the winner. Additionally, there are attractive prizes for the top 10 finishers, ensuring that numerous participants can earn rewards.

  • Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash will transition their sewer racing game into a free-to-play format that's accessible to everyone. This version will also include play-to-earn options, with special bonuses for owners of specific NFT collections. Named Dookey Dash Unclogged, this new release is scheduled for February and will be playable on both mobile devices and PC.


Spells of Genesis
Spells of Genesis
  • Ronin, the blockchain developed by SkyMavis behind Axie Infinity, received a new update on January 19. The blockchain, which was initially on its own, will now support Polygon, BNB Chain, and Ethereum Network. This update is particularly for the mobile app, which can be downloaded from the App Store or Play Store, and it brings enhanced security measures.

  • Spells of Genesis, a mobile trading card game blending TCG functionalities with arcade game elements, unveiled its latest version on January 23. The update introduces several new features and enhancements, including a new tutorial, improved leaderboard, email verification for account creation, enhanced account management, and simplified collection navigation. Additionally, the game conducted its monthly burn on January 25, allowing players to purchase a specific card for just one day.

  • JJCverse, also known as JOJOJOJOSoft CO, has revealed its new project called "Meet the Sucker, " a mobile app gaming experience that combines elements of MOBA, Monopoly, and other gameplay into one.

  • Mines of Dalarnia recently unveiled the DAR Open Network, transforming the blockchain-based action-adventure mining game into a broader multiverse within the DAR ecosystem. This development represents a significant shift for Mines of Dalarnia, evolving from a standalone game to a key hub in its network.

  • Animoca Brands has recently launched the Benji Shop in their popular free-to-play mobile game, Benji Bananas. This new feature introduces a social reward system where players can earn Safari Points by taking part in social events within the game. These points can be exchanged for various items like a Banana Bouquet, Swing & Earn boosts, and other exciting rewards.

  • Music Mogul has made its debut on the WAX chain, blending the thrill of managing music with the world of blockchain gaming. This web3 game is crafted for music enthusiasts and strategic gamers alike, allowing players to experience the role of a music industry mogul.


Bounty Temple
Bounty Temple
  • Fight League, a groundbreaking Japanese IP entering the web3 space with support from Mixi, a highly successful game and app publisher, will conduct its badge mint on Earn Alliance on January 26. The badge, with a supply of 20,000, offers various benefits to holders, including a secured spot as a pioneer with playtest whitelist, a chance to shape the destiny of Fight League epic games during exclusive test phases, a golden opportunity to be part of the next big thing with whitelists for Fight League collection releases, and exclusive in-game items.

  • Skytopia, a gaming metaverse, sold out of 777 Skytopia Mayor Pass mint in less than one minute. Additionally, the project achieved the top spot in the Trending section on OpenSea, a popular NFT marketplace, for 24 hours.

  • Bounty Temple, a free-to-play play-to-earn slot machine game, conducted its NFT mint/airdrop on the Earn Alliance platform on January 23. The focus of the mint was the Titan's Mark NFT, inviting users to explore the world of Bounty Temple. This NFT provides various benefits, including early access to the $TYT token public sales, special K-Rune NFT whitelist for the guarantee round, in-game gems for smoother item purchases (Q2 2024), participation in the Pet Gacha Boxes Raffle (Q2 2024), and an opportunity to win in the $1000 $TYT event.

  • StadiaX, a web3-enabled gaming platform, has introduced a badge collaboration with the Earn Alliance platform. Users are required to possess the tier 1 badge to be eligible to mint the tier 2 badge. With limited availability, interested participants are encouraged to mint before the supply runs out or the event concludes on January 29.

  • BloodLoop, a 5v5 tactical Hero-Shooter game, initiated its mint on January 22. The mint involved S.E.M. (Stable Exotic Matter) Capsules, offering exceptional in-game benefits and eligibility for a token airdrop. The mint quickly sold out within a day.

  • Blocklords has recently formed a partnership with Venly, collaborating with the web3 onboarding platform to launch an exciting airdrop campaign of 2,000 LRDS tokens. This strategic move aims to smoothly transition web2 players into the Blocklords world. The campaign, which is accessible to both Venly Metaring holders and the wider Venly community, plans to award 2,000 LRDS tokens to 40 lucky winners, granting each of them 50 LRDS. This two-day airdrop event runs until Friday, January 26th.


Treeverse x Immutable
Treeverse x Immutable
  • Endless Clouds, the studio behind Treeverse, an MMORPG, has entered a partnership with Immutable on January 23. This collaboration aims to bring Treeverse and Capsule Heroes to Immutable zkEVM, powered by Polygon, ensuring seamless integration into the Web3 space. The project is focused on onboarding millions of gamers into the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Army of Fortune, a mobile gaming studio comprising ex-Supercell veterans, secured an additional $3 million in a private funding round led by Animoca Venture on January 20. This funding injection is expected to significantly support the studio's expansion into the web3 space. Furthermore, AOF has announced a collaboration with Bybit, a cryptocurrency exchange, to launch its token ($AFG) on January 30.

  • Recently, Arcade2Earn reached an important financial achievement with a substantial investment of $4.8 million from Capital's investment arm. Known for rewarding players in their gaming pursuits, Arcade2Earn's recent funding marks a critical point in its journey. The platform has strategically transitioned from the Solana blockchain to Ethereum and Avalanche, indicating a significant development in its operations.

  • Imaginary Ones, a prominent name in the web3 arena, has recently partnered up with Immutable, leveraging Immutable's zkEVM technology. This partnership represents a significant step in connecting the worlds of Web2 and Web3 gaming, marking a major milestone in the industry.

  • In a significant development for esports, XBorg has teamed up with the renowned competitive gaming group Ninjas in Pyjamas (NIP). Their goal is straightforward: revolutionize fan engagement in esports through an innovative web3-based app. XBorg, already familiar in the esports world, has previously collaborated with Team BDS and celebrated CS:GO player Fox, emphasizing the creation of unique fan experiences.

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