This Week In Web3: Game Updates, Market Surges, and Strategic Alliances


Genopets P2P Marketplace
Genopets P2P Marketplace
  • Gas Hero, a hero-themed mobile strategy game by Satoshi Lab, a web3 product development studio, recorded a transaction volume of $3,187,183 within a 24-hour timeframe, averaging $1.2 million on their Gas Hero Coupons & Badges daily in the past week.

  • Genopets, a move-to-earn game inspired by Pokémon Go, has unveiled a new update featuring a Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Marketplace. This update enables players to effortlessly buy, sell, and trade Genopets items through both the browser and app versions of the game. The introduction of a player-driven Augment market enhances the in-game economy. Additionally, players signing in can use the code "PLAY" for a special bonus.

  • Notcoin, a TON-based clicker game on Telegram, has rapidly gained popularity, accumulating 4.1 million users within just one week. The game introduced a method for users to earn a meme token, which is not yet released, and announced an upcoming airdrop for participants.

  • Sorare Rivals has officially exited its beta phase and is now widely accessible as a free-to-play fantasy football game mode on both Android and iOS platforms. In this head-to-head game mode, players can select their preferred match of the day and assemble a lineup of five players. The game involves challenging friends and competing for Reputation Points in the Arena, with the added excitement of completing challenge streaks.

  • The French Red Cross has made a significant leap into the digital realm by entering The Sandbox, a prominent virtual world platform. This move inaugurates an innovative fundraising campaign that will be active until January 22, 2024. In this campaign, participants have the opportunity to explore the immersive metaverse of The Sandbox and compete for a portion of the substantial 125,000 $SAND prize pool.


Axie Infinity
Axie Infinity
  • Axie Infinity recently rolled out key updates to its Smooth Love Potion (SLP) system, introducing a new economic structure -

    1. The total supply of SLP is now capped at 44 billion.

    2. For every 10 SLPs burned (used up in the game), 2 SLPs will be minted and added to a new fund. This fund starts with 60,000 USDC from Axie Infinity.

    3. Unlike typical currencies that aim for 2% inflation, SLP will target 2% deflation.

    4. Each month, Sky Mavis will check the inflation rate of SLP. If it's too high, they will use USDC to buy the token. If it's lower than expected, they will sell some SLPs. The team will adjust their actions based on the market and player feedback.

  • Raini Studios, developers of Raini: The Lords of the Light (RTLOL) and now part of CEDEN and Kanpai Studios, unveiled updated tokenomics for their $RST ecosystem token. Key among these changes is the introduction of a 1% sell tax, aimed at bolstering community engagement through various incentives such as tournament prizes, events, and giveaways. Additionally, they have revised the treasury vesting schedule from the initial one-year plan to two years, aiming to reduce the emission rate of the token.


Night Crows
Night Crows
  • Night Crows, following its successful launch and chart-topping performance in South Korea last April 27, 2023, has now opened up for global pre-registration. This massively multiplayer online RPG, by Madengine and brought to the market by WEMADE, is extending an invitation to gamers worldwide to be part of its epic narrative. The global pre-registration for Night Crows kicked off on January 11.

  • Deviants’ Faction has released further details about their 2024 play-2-airdrop event. Scheduled to begin on February 1st, the event boasts a substantial prize pool of 50k $DEV tokens, divided across five stages. Each stage, offering 10k tokens, will run for a month, with the first starting on Thursday, February 1st. This structure ensures that the first half of 2024 will be an action-packed period for the game, filled with competitive opportunities for players.

  • This month, Nine Chronicles M, the decentralized idle RPG for mobile, is introducing two New Year events for its community on both the Odin and Heimdall chains. These events, titled "Payback" and "Patrol Reward," promise to add excitement and engagement for players on the platform.


E4C: Final Salvation Alpha Test
E4C: Final Salvation Alpha Test
  • On January 10, Rave, an NFT car racing metaverse game powered by Immutable, launched its alpha testing. The first 30 access keys were available on Rave's Discord on a first-come, first-serve basis. Players who obtained access keys could download the game from Rave's website and start playing to experience the game during the alpha testing phase.

  • E4C: Final Salvation, a top mobile app MOBA game went live with its alpha test on January 9, where testers are promised token rewards.

  • The Galaxy of Lemuria, a free-to-play MMORPG set in a vast universe, has rolled out Patch 0.5.1 for its alpha testing. The update encompasses bug fixes, UI enhancements, and the addition of a newbie tutorial. The new roadmap has also been revealed, and the Founder's Token now holds increased power in governance within the game.

  • On January 11th, XBorg unveiled the beta release of GamerBase, their new app aimed at boosting community interaction for game developers, esports teams, and content creators.

  • After collaborating for Crossing Universes Season 2, WAX-based games NFT Panda and Alien Worlds are back at it once again with the launch of Season 3. Crossing Universes Season 3 brings NFT Panda and Alien Worlds communities once again for a chance at getting more MAG rewards until February 15th. Some of the changes for this season include the addition of Sharpening, Shines, and more.


Karnak Legacy x immutable
Karnak Legacy x immutable
  • On January 10**, Karnak Legacy,** a mobile extraction royale shooter (ERS) game set in Steampunk Egypt, announced its partnership with Immutable. The collaboration aims to broaden the reach of Karnak Legacy by integrating the mobile extraction shooter game into the Immutable ecosystem, leveraging its user-friendly technology to reach millions of players.

  • Framework, a thesis-driven crypto venture firm, has taken the lead in a $6 million fundraising round on January 9 for ArenaX Labs, bringing the total raised amount to $11 million. ArenaX Labs is an AI tech company focused on educating individuals through AI games. The funds will be utilized for the launch of AI Arena, a new game that allows players to train, collect, and battle intelligent AI fighters.

  • On January 9**, The Unfettered**, a dark RPG based on $SOUL, announced an exciting partnership with LineaBuild, a developer-ready zk rollup.

  • Amazon Prime Gaming is teaming up once more with Brawlers, the leading web3 game on the WAX Blockchain, to deliver a fresh wave of exclusive content to gamers. Amazon Prime Gaming is poised to elevate Brawlers to new levels of excitement and engagement, promising an even more thrilling gaming journey this time around.

  • Second World Games is gearing up to launch 'Second World: New Era,' their newest mobile game, which draws inspiration from popular titles like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale. The company recently celebrated a triumphant pre-sale of this upcoming project, securing a notable $1.65 million. Adding to the momentum, Second World Games is now partnering with Immutable zkEVM and Polygon, setting the stage for an exciting phase in their development journey.


Golden Tides Whitelist
Golden Tides Whitelist
  • Realm, a world-building and exploration game, unveiled its latest NFT collection named "Marauders." The minting of this collection is now live, January 15.. Minters will have access to a prize pool of 200,000 $ARB, which was also said to be a low-barrier entry for the game.

  • On January 10, Mocaverse, the Animoca Brands membership NFT collection of Mocas, announced its collaboration with CoinGecko. This partnership allows Moca ID to integrate with the CoinGecko website. Users who connect their CoinGecko account to their Moca ID will unlock access to Moca ID with 500 candies in CoinGecko Candy Rewards.

  • Golden Tides, a strategic PvP & PvE combat game, announced on January 9 the start of its whitelist. The whitelist includes 2,000 spots for Hero Skin Packs, each costing about 0.09 ETH for a pack of 3. Interested participants can secure a whitelist spot by taking part in their events on Twitter and Discord, as well as joining the community collaboration raffles.

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