BeFitter: Is This Move-To-Earn Worth Your Energy?

Are you a fitness fanatic who's looking for ways to make money by staying active? Or are you a couch potato looking for monetary motivation to lose a few pounds? If you’re searching for an effective tool that will accompany you on your fitness journey then you may not need to look any further! beFITTER– a blockchain-based fitness game is here to make working up sweat, building strength and staying motivated easier than it should be.


beFITTER is a Web3 fitness and social app that aims to build a health ecosystem helping users balance their lives. This project is made possible by the limitless effort from a team of 40 people. The core team of the game are from Vietnam. The project’s pre-sale was held in July 2022 and everything was sold out in just 28 minutes. Currently, the game is live in the Binance Smart Chain and there are more than 100,000 registered users. With a total of 27,343 unique active users recorded, who’ve traveled distances tallied at 76,829 KMs.


To start earning, you’ll need a NFT shoe. How much a shoe may be used each day depends on its energy. A shoe cannot produce tokens after its energy is depleted. Players might have to wait a day or two for energy to regenerate and resume earning tokens. Every NFT shoe in the game has four main attributes that affect the rate of earning of tokens:

  • Durability- Shoes may be damaged when used. In order for the player to earn again, they’ll need to repair their shoes. Greater durability means less wear and tear; therefore players will spend less to fix it.
  • Support- This enhances the shoe’s ability to earn more tokens so having higher support means more generated tokens.
  • Luck- This raises the likelihood of running into a mystery box. By opening these mystery boxes, players may get new NFT sneakers.
  • Range- This will only be revealed in the next updates. 

beFITTER offers activities such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming. Token generation will be affected by the activity. Aside from that, there will also be pets that can be equipped in order to earn more.   


beFITTER uses two different tokens, $HEE (Health token) rewards healthy activities such as walking, running, cycling, and swimming. This can then be used for minting, renting, or repairing NFTs. On the other hand, $FIU (Social token) rewards activities involving social interaction such as challenges and SocialFi. This can be used to mint or for governance purposes. Meanwhile, players who don’t want to play may just rent out their NFT shoes by fixed-rent or share profit.


beFITTER from its name alone is encouraging us to head outdoors and adopt a healthy lifestyle. beFITTER and StepN are both move-to-earn games that continue to innovate and integrate the real world into the Web3 space. These 2 games are very much alike in terms of gamifying physical activities. BeFITTER’s gaming element is quite strong, offering the possibility of multiple strategies for users. I like the fun where players can analyze what NFT shoe to use in order to reap the maximum benefit per activity. However, a considerable risk I see in this project is the team itself, with no indication of any significant blockchain development experience amongst them. It may not be a big deal but I think it’s worth noting.

beFITTER is a new game in its early stages. There’ll clearly be some challenges ahead and a number of areas for improvement. But overall, I love the idea behind this move-to-earn project where the impact on people’s physical activity is potentially significant. beFITTER has a long way to go and if it wants to succeed then the team had better run with caution, not walk leisurely.

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