Chibi Clash: Unveiling a Web3 Gaming Universe of Fun and Innovation

Chibi Clash is a web3 gaming universe set in a fantasy and medieval backdrop, integrating AI technology. The launch phase is anticipated to feature three distinct games and platforms, with the initial one currently undergoing playtesting. The game will be initially accessible on PC, with plans for a subsequent mobile release.

Chibi Clash currently consists of:

CB: Survivor
CB: Survivor

Clash Survivor (in playtest): players immerse themselves in a top-isometric perspective, taking command of a character or hero engaged in an endless battle against hordes of enemies. Survival hinges on the strategic use of weapons and battle items to enhance combat capabilities. The expansive map, reminiscent of titles like Bleach vs. One Piece or WarCraft, offers ample room for movement and tactical planning.

Players have the flexibility to choose between melee and ranged attacks as they strive to survive. However, there's a unique twist—the hero doesn't pause to cast or launch attacks. Instead, it seamlessly runs and attacks simultaneously, creating a dynamic and action-packed experience reminiscent of games like Hunters On-Chain, blending elements of action and rogue-like gameplay.

Clash Hero
Clash Hero

Clash Hero: is designed as a mobile game featuring autobattling and strategic elements. In this game, players assemble a team of heroes and characters, akin to the mechanics found in teamfight tactics. The gameplay involves engaging in rounds of battles against enemies, and the outcome is automatic. The strategic aspect comes into play as players equip battle items, arrange their team, and deploy characters strategically. Notably, the items acquired during the game can be retained by the player and traded or sold to others, thanks to the play-to-keep (P2K) system implemented in the game.

Chibi Kingdom
Chibi Kingdom

Chibi Clash Kingdoms: promises to be a robust gaming platform that integrates AI, blockchain, and gaming for an immersive experience. However, there is currently limited information available about the specifics of these features.

What is P2K and How to Earn?

Chibi Clash is introducing the P2K system, a novel approach in which players can permanently forge versions of their Battle Items on the blockchain. This feature enhances the items' utility, allowing them to be traded or utilized seamlessly within the entire Chibi Clash ecosystem. Additionally, the game will introduce a governance token, $CLASH, which will serve as the primary token across the Chibi Clash universe.


Chibi Clash is striving for gaming interoperability and broad accessibility, providing a seamless transition for traditional gamers into the web3 gaming realm. By releasing games that are both straightforward and enjoyable, the platform aims to cater to players of all backgrounds. While the current game may require some enhancements, it presents a promising play experience. The standout feature, the P2K system, adds significant value to the project by facilitating a functional ecosystem and market. Anticipating future releases from Chibi Clash, it's certainly an endeavor worth following closely.

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