Tower Conquest Now In Its Metaverse Edition!
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March 18th, 2023

Venture into the world of Tower Conquest in your search for eternal glory! Slip into the role of a good ruler, recruit, and evolve the perfect army to go into battle to protect your kingdom while also destroying opposing towers. Explore endless worlds and defeat enemies to earn rewards, increase your strength, and dominate other players in this Tower Conquest, now in its metaverse edition!

  • Blockchain Platform: Polygon Blockchain
  • Developers: SuperGaming
  • Genre: Tower Defense
  • Available In: Mobile
  • Status: Live


Tower Conquest is a game that is built by SuperGaming. They are a company based out of India, Singapore, and Dubai. This studio is known to have already built multiple gaming startups in over 10 years. According to them, they have already built a shooting game, battle royale game and a LiveOps engine for hyperscale, global, multiplayer games. They have also claimed in their LinkedIn profile that their games have 150 million installs across the globe. As of the moment, one of SuperGaming’s project: Town Conquest is already live and playable in the Polygon Blockchain.


Tower Conquest is an action strategy game in which its gameplay revolves around you protecting your base and at the same time attacking your enemy tower. At the start of the game, there will be a mana pool you will use to summon your heroes in the battlefield. Once it is summoned, it will automatically advance to your enemy’s tower and try to take it down. However, remember that in each game, you are only allowed to deploy five units. In this game there are Tank Units which are best at receiving damage to allow your other troops to stay alive. Support Units which will reduce the enemy’s damage to your team. Finally, the Damage Dealers which have low hit points but have the highest DPS. Aside from that you can also choose to participate in any of these game modes:

  • The Campaign: This game mode will pit you against an AI squad in order for you to get Exp to level up your account, and as well as essence – one of this game’s currency.
  • PvP Mode: In here, you’ll fight against other players and your strategies will be put to test as you snatch victory. Victorious players in this game mode will earn Crowns – another currency of the game.
  • Wager Mode: Just like the PvP mode but here you’ll bet your essence in the battle. If you’re able to win against your opponent then you will get twice the bet you’ve put in.


Here are the different currencies in the game and its uses:

  • Essence: You need this currency in order for you to train your units, participate in arenas, upgrade heroes, and others. You can earn this by winning in the campaign mode or Wager Arena battles.
  • Crowns: These will be proof of your skill in the PvP mode. You’ll earn this by winning in the PvP mode.
  • Ethereum: This will be the rarest among the other rewards and you will only acquire this by participating at the highest level of the game. You can use Ethereum to mine rare assets such as heroes.


Tower Conquest has a horizontal gameplay that offers fast paced rounds in game, so it’s quite challenging to think of the right strategy to employ while also having the need to have quick observation skills for you to devise good defense tactics. Meanwhile, the game has this colorful and cute 2D art style, boasting 50 different battle backgrounds. I think having a diverse background is useful in crafting a game that will make players feel like they were on a journey of some sort and this is also especially useful in not making the game boring.

The game is also straightforward and provides simple entertainment wherein you’ll get to summon troops and witness matches in classic style. Hence, with its simplicity it can bore competitive players that want something more exciting. Additionally, there have been reports that says this game seems to be unfinished with its boring background music that clearly needs some reworking. Some players also complained about the game’s tutorial mode where it just shows a 7 minute YouTube video.

Overall, Tower Conquest is a game that was brought to blockchain gaming quite recently. Some of its old players are excited with the potential to earn in this game, while others are clearly disappointed with it having battles that are not as smooth as the old version along with the signing up errors and other issues. The original Tower Conquest is enjoyed by a lot of players but their metaverse version seems to be facing a hard time onboarding some of their traditional gamers.

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