This Week in Web3: New Releases, Amazon Prime Gaming Collaboration and More


  • Clashub, a platform known for NFT card gaming, and recipient of the AIBC GameFi Award, recently conducted its Myth Age's Heroes Airdrop on November 1 via the Earn Alliance Rocket Launcher. This airdrop offered 1,000 NFTs for users to reserve for free. Those fortunate enough to secure a reservation will soon find these NFTs in their game accounts, ready for use in playing and earning Clashub Tokens.

  • Fableborne’s first Primordial Essence airdrop is coming up on November 15. To facilitate this, they've introduced an Eligibility Checker to help players easily track their progress towards obtaining Primordial Essence, which is key to unlocking special rewards and enhancing their NFT ownership.

Partnership and Funding

  • Shrapnel, the much-anticipated first-person shooter (FPS) game, has successfully secured $20 million in its latest funding. The driving force behind this substantial investment is PolyChain Capital, a prominent global finance and investment management company. This injection of funds holds the promise of reshaping the landscape of blockchain-based gaming, hinting at the potential for Shrapnel to become one of the influential web3 games driving growth in the blockchain industry.
  • Blockchain Brawlers, a strategic wrestling game built on WAX, has forged a collaboration with Amazon Prime Gaming. Amazing will offer support in introducing and promoting the game, which is expected to contribute significantly to the further development and success of Blockchain Brawlers.

  • The gaming company ACT Games from Korea and Sky Mavis, the creators behind the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity, have announced their partnership. This collaboration will simplify the process of moving ACT Games' titles, such as the Zoids Wild Arena trading card game, onto the Ronin network, which is Sky Mavis’s blockchain platform.

Play Test and Early Access

  • Worldwide Webb, an ever-evolving game of Sword and Magic, recently held its Open Playtest from November 2 to November 3. Those who’ve successfully completed games and secured resources are now eligible to mint the forthcoming exclusive NFTs.

  • Anichess, the eagerly awaited free-to-play chess game, has launched its Mini Game Early Access exclusively for selected players. This access period will run from November 3 to November 10, offering an opportunity for players to become acquainted with the game and provide valuable feedback on its overall gameplay.

Beta Testing

  • Solana Labs has made a significant move in the world of blockchain gaming by introducing GameShift in its beta version. This robust set of tools makes it easier for video games to work with the Solana network. First announced in July, GameShift offers a single API that simplifies the often complex aspects of blockchain technology. This advancement allows game developers to concentrate on creating their games, without the need to get entangled in the detailed code work of blockchain.

  • Developer Directive Games has launched Beta Season 2 for The Machines Arena, a top-down hero shooter on the Ronin Network. Players can now access special Halloween-themed skins in this period. Moreover, those who log in during this season can receive a welcome package that includes in-game currency, which they can use to upgrade characters and purchase skins.

  • In tune with the Halloween season, developer Danu Games has released some new seasonal updates to the beta version of their blockchain fantasy MMO, Avalon. The studio has pushed out a couple of spooky updates like villages have been redecorated to include animated pumpkin monsters, lanterns, and cave vampires, while defeating bosses in main raids 1 and 2 is now rewarded with Conjured Candies.

Recent Releases

  • The team at has launched a new game called Loaded Lions: Mane City. This new game is a business simulation that runs on the Cronos blockchain. It offers players an immersive experience as they create and manage their own virtual cities. Combining elements of popular games like SimCity and FarmVille, along with the laid-back appeal of idle games, Loaded Lions: Mane City delivers a mix of strategic city-building and farming with an easygoing gaming style.

  • Pink Moon Studio has launched out a new game called KMON: World of Kogaea, marking their latest contribution to the gaming scene. This is a 3D open-world game that only players who own Kryptomon NFTs can enter. The release of KMON is part of the WOKtober celebration of the Studios, which is a quality campaign to merge the realms of augmented reality (AR), NFTs, gaming, and community.

  • In a significant development for the Indian gaming industry, Kratos Studios, the creators of the IndiGG, have introduced the Kratos Games Network. This strategic initiative involves an investment of INR 50 crores (approximately $5 to 6 million) and aims to support emerging gaming studios in India

New Season

  • Axie Infinity has kicked off the sixth season of Origins, dubbed the Mystic Era, featuring a prize pot of 13,215 $AXS tokens. This season is shorter than the previous ones, lasting only seven days instead of 14, ramping up the level of competition even more than the Rare and Epic eras. Players who rank in the top 10,000 on the leaderboard will get to claim a portion of the 13,215 $AXS tokens prize pool. The top player will earn 750 tokens, the runner-up will receive 500 $AXS, and the third-place competitor will take home 300 tokens.

  • The sixth season of Champions Arena has started and it comes with three new Champions for players to enjoy. One of these Champions can be unlocked with the latest Battlepass. The new Battlepass feature the new Hero called Valsharah, The Midnight Terror. The other two new champions to the summoning pool is Beatrice and Luddy.

Upcoming Events

  • Zed Run, the popular horse breeding and racing game, kicked off its 24-hour Flash Tournament on November 3. To enter the tournament, players must meet the condition of Z11-Z20, which will grant them a chance to claim a share of the $1,000 prize pool.

  • On October 30, The Sandbox introduced a new spooky “Halloween Game Jam” event that serves as a competition for both gamers and content creators to display their skills in crafting game experiences by utilizing assets and music from the rock band Avenged Sevenfold. Participants can look forward to shared rewards totaling 600,000 $SAND as an enticing incentive for their creative contributions.

  • NFL Rivals celebrates autumn with its new Autumn Rush event, paralleling the beloved Monster Smash with seasonal weekly events. The Roaster and The Gravy Boat, reimagined versions of Costume Party and Trick or Treat, bring fresh themes. Entry to The Roaster begins every Tuesday, requiring players to own a special base card from the Connect Store, while The Gravy Boat is open to all. Every Saturday marks the start of competitive events with limited edition (LE) cards as prizes.

  • Spider Tanks is going all out to celebrate its first anniversary. Gala Games has set up a bunch of events and great prizes to make this a memorable event, combining competitive spirit with global celebration for its players. Beginning on October 30, the anniversary celebrations will start with excitement, giving players two weeks of intense battles and rewarding contests. Players aiming for victory will have the chance to gain resources and points of honor.

Updates and New Features

  • Earn Alliance, a leading web3 game aggregator and platform, revealed its community's selection of the Top 10 most liked Web3 games on November 1. The following games were ranked in order of preference by the community: Last Remains, Last Monarchy, Big Time, Oxya Origin, Illuvium, Gods Unchained, House of Boxing, Aether, Apeiron, and My Pet Hooligan. Additionally, those who joined these top 10 games’ Discord servers before October 6 will receive 5 basic bounty drops for each server they’re a part of.

  • On November 3, Mocaverse, a membership NFT collection by Animoca Brands, expanded its ecosystem with the introduction of two new features. The first one, called Realm Point, functions like an experience points (XP) system, enabling users to earn rewards. The second feature, Moca ID, is akin to a digital badge and serves as your pass to access the Web3 universe within the Mocaverse ecosystem.

  • DragonMaster, the real-time strategy (RTS) and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game with a dragon theme, has introduced an exciting new feature for its dedicated user base. This feature includes NFT staking, merging, burning, and cross-chain functionalities. It's designed to not only enhance the gameplay experience but also contribute to the growth of the game's economic value.

Coming Up

  • The creators of Mines of Dalarnia have revealed that they are adding a new idle game called Modbots to their blockchain mining adventure. This addition is part of the soon-to-arrive Terraformed Update. The announcement highlights that Modbots, which exists within the larger Web3 adventure game, will offer players the opportunity to boost their collection of DAR tokens.
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