Magic and Technology collide in Legions & Legends: An NFT Combat RPG Game
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March 18th, 2023

Gone are the days when we used to play with a box of toys and let our imagination run wild. Console and Computer games have seemingly replaced this for the kids of today but Azra Games hopes to revive these feelings with their game Legions & Legends. A game that combines magic and technology, machines with monsters, and more. Let’s take a look at the potential that this game can offer.


Legions and Legends is the debut title for Azra Games, a game developer with over 30 veteran developers working under it led by Mark Otero who worked on Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Inspired by games like Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 40k, Otero and his team hope to create an immersive game that emulates the experience of playing with toys and figurines where a knight can fight a cyborg gone rogue and fit it all in an immersive, all-encompassing lore.

Graphics and Gameplay

Featuring realistic 3D animations that fit both a fantasy and a sci-fi game, Legions and Legends’ lore takes you on an exploration in an uncharted area of the universe called the Corvus Galaxy where magic and technology seemingly collide to create a unique gaming experience. The team describes it as a “collectibles and combat RPG” where players control characters that can be classified into three types: Commanders, Legionnaires, and Behemoths.

Legionnaires act as your typical front line that can tank most of the damage from the enemies. Commanders are the squishy attack/support types that deal damage or buff the squad. Lastly, Behemoths are massive, slow, mechanical, biological, or spectral war machines that have devastating abilities which can turn the tide of battle. Consider mixing and matching your collection of these characters to optimize damage and minimize the threats from enemies and elevate your levels of success.

Information about its exact gameplay is still a gray area but on a medium post, the developers have said that it won’t be an auto-battler, a turn-based RPG, or another RTS game but rather a mixture of the three and something else on its own entirely.

Earning Mechanics

There is no information yet about the tokens that are going to be used in the game and right now there are no real earning mechanics available yet aside from purchasing an NFT from Azra games’ Play Forever Pass (PFPs) which are NFT images that also counts as a pass for future events from Azra games as well as the chance to join exclusive drops. The floor price for one of the PFPs as of this writing is 0.2 ETH with a total volume of 1,638 ETH in OpenSea.

Final Thoughts

With an interesting concept and good design, I think it’s safe to say that this game should be on the list of people who are into RPGs and fantasy games in general. Although there is still a limited amount of information available regarding the gameplay itself. If you find yourself sharing the same vision as the developers about maximizing the value of your beloved collection of figurines (which in this case are the character NFTs) then keep your eyes peeled for Legions & legends!

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