More Mint Marathon, Game Updates, and Partnerships in This Week in Web3

New Mints

  • Earn Alliance has initiated its Immutable Mint Marathon, commencing on October 2 and extending until October 8. This marathon highlights three games: Last Monarchy, RiftWardens, and Medieval Empires, all of which offer free mints. Additionally, users who secure a minimum of 2 Immutable Mints during this period qualify to mint the Immutable Badge, which will remain valid until October 8. Owning this badge will contribute to your Weekly Gold accumulation, and there's an opportunity to be one of the lucky 100 winners to receive exciting prizes!

  • Burn Ghost, a platform featuring enjoyable casual web3 games, has recently made an announcement on October 3rd. They are preparing for another collection mint, unveiling the introduction of 1,000 BurnGhost Bounty Boxes on the Ethereum Network. To participate, individuals can register on the website, and the best part is, it won't cost anything.


  • Axie Infinity Origins, a widely enjoyed card-based strategy game, has started the now Season 6, presenting players with an opportunity to vie for rewards totaling over 112,000 AXS, which equates to more than half a million dollars.  Commencing on October 4 and concluding on November 23, players can now join and win the top prize of 1M mAXS.

  • Boss Fighters, a unique game that allows players to take on the role of a VR Boss or engage in PC battles against one, has recently concluded its Boss Customization Event. During this event, participants were invited to submit their Boss Designs on Discord. The selected design will now be prominently featured within the game and come with its own set of perks.

  • Astrals is a collection of NFT that will have play-to-earn utility. However, a recent issue has emerged involving NBA former star Shaquille O’Neal, who now finds himself embroiled in a legal battle related to his association with Astrals. The legal claim alleges that O’Neal's celebrity status played a substantial role in driving up the value of Astrals. Interestingly, the value experienced an unusual pattern of increase followed by a subsequent decline.

  • The Monsterra team has launched MonsHub, a collection of basic mobile games, on Android via the Google Play Store, with five limited-time events to commemorate the occasion. Players can participate in five limited-time events, four of which will conclude on October 19 and one on October 12.

Latest Updates

  • After unveiling the concept of Deadrop, an Extraction Shooter game, to the public, Dr. Disrespect, a prominent Twitch Game Streamer, along with his team, Midnight Society, surprised everyone with a teaser on October 4 featuring a car that appeared to be racing. This unexpected twist generated a flurry of feedback, with comments like "Now, it's a racing game" and "Wait what?" dominating the discussion. This teaser release has sparked renewed anticipation for the Deadrop launch, as it continues to intrigue and keep project promises alive in a nutshell.

  • PokerGO Play, a rising star in the world of Web3-powered poker games, introduced an exciting update on October 3rd. This new addition is called "Sit-N-Go style tables," allowing players to join the gaming experience without any cost. Moreover, players have the opportunity to win prizes through the platform's weekly Sweepstakes

  • On October 1, Gods Unchained, the award-winning Trading Card Game developed by Immutable, unveiled a Trailer Video in preparation for the launch of Season Two: Far Horizons. This trailer introduces several exciting aspects of the upcoming season, including a Visual & Audio Revamp for the New Gods, the introduction of God Powers, an Upcoming Major Expansion, the initiation of a Content Creator Program, and the introduction of a New Game Mechanic.

  • Gala Games, a well-known Web3 gaming project, made a significant announcement on October 1 regarding their latest creation, 'Legacy.' Legacy is a web3 game centered around business simulation, providing players with the chance to craft, build, and engage in trade to achieve corporate supremacy.

  • Star Garden, a team-based auto-chess battler with RPG mechanics that had a successful playtest, currently faces a challenging situation. The project has temporarily suspended its development and, regrettably, had to lay off a significant portion of its team. The primary factor behind this decision has been the financial challenges the project is encountering.


  • Gala Games has made an announcement regarding its latest partnership with "Common Ground," the anticipated sequel to the influential documentary "Kiss the Ground." In celebration of this collaboration, Gala Games has rebranded its flagship game, "Town Star," a farming and crafting game, as "Common Ground World."

Alphas, New Seasons and What To Look Out For

  • After launching the Express Delivery game mode in closed alpha, MegaWorld just released their Citizen Traits last October 5th, the same day in which a sale of Express Alpha Packs took place.

  • Champions Arena Season 4 has been released, bringing thrilling battles and the opportunity to summon two new Legendary Champions, Danishka and Miko. These formidable champions have the potential to alter the dynamics of the Arena. As always, a new season means improvements. Season 4 introduces various updates, bug fixes, and balance adjustments to ensure a smoother and more exciting gameplay experience.

  • MetaWars Game Demo V3 is about to go live; it is a sneak peek into the vast MetaWars universe, giving players the opportunity to explore and interact with its rich environment. Although this is not the final version of the game, it functions as a crucial testing ground for the developers to gather feedback and enhance the overall gaming experience.

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