Olympus Game: A P2E Greek Mythology-themed Clash Royale

Popular games tend to get copied by others that wish to ride on their success. Games like Pokemon, Angry bird, and Mario Kart are just a few that come to mind. There’s also the quickly changing mobile gaming landscape that produces tons of clones whenever one game blows up. This is the case for the game we are looking at today that merges Play-to-earn and the once-popular Clash Royale.


Olympus Game is a 3D tower rush that combines Greek Mythology with the familiar gameplay of Clash Royale in the BNB chain. It features a fully doxxed team and claims it collaborated with an” established game studio with more than 15 years in the business”. The project is also backed by France-based BD Multimedia, a licensed payment service provider which was one of the best-performing stocks in Paris in 2021.

Graphics and Gameplay

Using the same 3D cartoon-inspired style that appealed to the millions of players of the Supercell classic game, Olympus Game’s graphics give off the same vibe as the game it took inspiration from, and it also bridged into the main gameplay for this P2E project.

The game's main objective is to destroy the opposing player's columns and temple.

by creating a deck of 8 cards from the 23 available characters and 7 spell/building card NFTs that you use to annihilate the opposition’s base. The characters take the form of known figures in Greek mythology like the 12 Olympians and some Titans and heroes, including Achilles and Hercules. Each character also comes in three rarities: Common, Gold, and Diamond.

To play the cards on the field, players will use “nectar” which will be limited and regenerate for an X amount of seconds so players will have to play their cards at the right moment while anticipating the next moves of their enemies.

There are Play-to-earn and Free-to-Play versions available and players who select one game mode only get to play players of the same mode as well. Free-to-play players have the option to rent out cards if they want to try the P2E version and earn from their wins a share of the profit from the renter as well as a 10% fee from Olympus.

Earning Mechanics

Photo of $OLYMP Token's Allocation taken from Olympus Game's website
Photo of $OLYMP Token's Allocation taken from Olympus Game's website

Olympus uses two tokens for their game. $OLYMP and $OLYMPG. $OLYMP is the governance token that you can use to buy P2E starter packs and NFTs as well as cast votes during community decision-making sessions. You can also stake your tokens to earn rewards. On the other hand, $OLYMPG is the reward token that you earn by winning battles. You can use OLYMPG to buy chests and upgrade your cards.

After every sixth battle, you are also able to earn a chest that contains cards for upgrading your characters or unlocking a new one entirely. You can also sell these cards in the game’s marketplace for extra earnings. Then there’s also the aforementioned scholarship system that lets P2E players rent out their cards to F2P players so it enables a bit of passive earning as well.

Final Thoughts

I have played Clash Royale (a lot) and found its gameplay to be fun and addictive so I think Olympus Game would also feel the same but with the added benefit of being able to earn some sweet tokens after every match so what is there to not like? For one, I think that the competitive play for the game will be a lot more competitive as there is money involved. Not to mention that the developers have put a big emphasis on their interest in making it an Esport so the stakes are even higher. Although I believe it will cause faster burnout for the players since the gameplay is also quite repetitive if you stick to one deck configuration.

Overall, If you like Clash Royale and other similar games or just want a competitive game where you can compete with other players while stimulating your mind with real-time decision-making, then brush off on your Iliad and Odyssey as well as a couple of strategy books to prepare on this new take on the battle of the gods in the form of a familiar title in Olympus Game!

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